Hi, my name is Minhaj, I’m a technology enthusiast, drone lover, and aspiring computer programmer. I have always been fascinated by science and technology.The drone market is growing at an exponential rate and the technology being developed for these awesome flying machines is fascinating. This website will bring the latest drone reviews and news from around the web.My favourite drones are DJI Mavic pro and 3DR solo, both of which are reviewed here and here respectively.

What I love most about drones is the ability to explore places and see things you thought were never possible. From flying drones inside volcanos to capturing stunning footage of nature whether it be on land or sea, drones have given us new ways of looking at our magnificent world.

Drones are also increasingly being used for many commercial reasons and governmental agencies are making use of drone through surveillance, disaster management and other areas. Agriculture has been one of the main beneficiaries of drone technology as farmers can now survey their crops from the air wihtout having to hire pilots..

If you come to know of any breaking news in the world of drone technology please let me now through my contact page or at contact@yourdronereviews.com. Other than that fly safe and enjoy flying drones.