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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review

Short Review The Phantom 4 Pro is one of the most advanced consumer drones on the market and is and is made for professional photographers. With its 1-inch 20 megapixel camera, it is capable of shooting stunning still images and recording in 4K at 60fps. It uses a mechanical shutter instead of an electronic one and this eliminates distortion when filming fast moving objects. It has a 5-way obstacle detecting system and a 4-way obstacle avoidance system,making it one of the safest drones to fly. If you love drones and taking aerial photography,this drone is for you. Key Features...

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DJI Inspire 1 Review- DJI Raising The Bar Once Again

Short Review The DJI Inspire 1 just proved why DJI is so far ahead of its competition. It is a drone made for professional photographers and solidifies DJI’s dominance in the consumer drone market. With its 4k camera, you will be able to take professional grade video footage and it is compatible with 4 other cameras. This includes the Zenmuse XT, a thermal imaging camera that is perfect for commercial applications. It is a drone that exemplifies what DJI is capable of. Key Features 4K Camera 18 minutes flight time Obstacle avoidance technology Intelligent flight modes 1.2-mile range Retractable carbon fibre arms Check...

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3DR Solo Drone Review- The First Smart Drone

Key Features Compatible with 3 GoPro Cameras (GoPro 3,3+ and 4) FPV Capability 18 minutes flight time intelligent flight modes Self-tightening propellers Check Price   3DR Solo overview  Welcome to my review of the 3DR Solo drone, the 3DR drone has been on the market a couple of years now and despite its lackluster sales performance, its remains one of my favourite smart drones. and the good thing is, its price has come down drastically, you can get the drone with a compatible GoPro camera for less than $500!! One of the good things from a consumer perspective is its price has come down drastically, you can get the drone with a compatible GoPro camera for less than $500!! When 3DR released their drone, the Solo, it was and still is in many respects one of the best drones for aerial photography. Not only is the design aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it came with features that were innovative and looked to challenge DJI’s dominance. 3D Robotics have built a stunning drone, however, they failed to crack the DJI dominance and it looks like the company have all but thrown in the towel and are looking at other ways to carve a market out in the drone industry.  That being said, the 3DR Solo is still a great drone that is suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike. It comes...

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Dji Phantom 3 Professional Review

Short Review The DJI Phantom 3 Pro is one of the best drones for aerial photography,it comes with many advanced features like a 4K camera stabilised by a 3-axis gimbal. This will provide stunning video footage and still images. It has a few intelligent flight modes like follow me and waypoint. The range has also been improved to a long 2km and flight time has also got an upgrade,you can manage around 20-23 minutes with the Phantom 3 Pro. Key Features 4K Camera 12 MP  Intelligent Flight Modes Vision Positioning System 23 min flight time Fast video transmission technology...

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Syma X5C Review – A Great Drone For Beginners

Short Review The Syma X5C is a lightweight beginner friendly drone that has a few cool features that makes it a fun drone to fly. It comes with an HD camera that is capable of taking still images in 2 megapixels. The camera also comes with a 2 GB memory in which you can store your images and videos to edit and share. You should get around 6 minutes of flight time,a little bit more if you remove the propeller guards. It also has cool LED lights beneath each rotor which makes it suitable to fly during twilight hours. Key Features...

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