The most important step in the process of becoming a commercial drone pilot is passing the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam. In order to do this, you’ll need to study and prepare. It’s not just an hour or two of cramming that will get you through it. You’ll have to commit yourself to at least a month of studying before you are able to sit the actual test. So, which is the best Part 107 Study Guide? In this article we shall explore some of the most highly-rated Part 107 Study Guides 

There are many Part 107 study guides available on the market to help you with your preparations. The question is: which study material is right for you? We’ve taken the time to review many of the most popular Part 107 study guides and have listed some of the best below.

Do You Require The Part 107 Certificate?

Yes, drone pilots who want to fly their drones for commercial purposes are required to obtain the  Part 107 certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To take this test, you must be at least 16 years old, read and write English and be in good health. The Part 107 certificate allows a pilot to fly a drone for commercial purposes, such as taking photographs or videos for real estate, agriculture, or inspections.

What Is the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Exam?

The FAA Part 107 knowledge exam is a 60-question test that every drone pilot must pass before they can fly a drone for commercial purposes. The test can be difficult, especially for those without a background in aviation.

Subjects that are covered in the exam include things like aviation regulations, reading weather charts, drone maintenance, radio communication protocols, aeronautical decision-making, emergency procedures and a few other topics.

The test can only be taken at an FAA-approved test centre, there are many of these centres around the USA and a complete list can be found here.

Applicants get 2 hours to complete the test and must obtain a 70% or better score to pass. So, in other words, they will need to correctly answer at least 42 of the 60 questions to obtain the Part 107 certificate.

There is a fee to take this exam, the fee sometimes changes but is currently set at $175. Drone pilots will also need to renew every two years to keep their certificates valid.

How Do You Prepare For The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Exam?

The best way to prepare is to study properly, make sure that whatever study material you get is up to date with the relevant information and that it has been put together by experts.

There are a lot of free resources that you may find helpful, and I have listed many of them below. However, they don’t cover everything, and many free resources are not updated regularly.

The Best Part 107 study guides are part of a whole course which includes additional material in the form of videos, quizzes, practice questions and support from the course instructors.

A lot of people find that they need to take more than one practice exam in order to get a feel for the material and what kind of questions they will be asked. If you’re in this boat, it’s essential to take as many practice exams as possible and achieve a 70% pass mark.

Many of the paid courses on this list provide unlimited practice exams, which will help you in achieving the required pass mark.

There are many study guides available for the FAA Part 107 knowledge exam, some of them can only be accessed by purchasing a Part 107 course.

The Best Part 107 Study Guides (Paid)

1) Pilot Institute


The Pilot Institutes Part 107 training course is one of the best; the course is comprehensive and updated regularly. The course includes:

  • Detailed video lessons.
  • Practice quizzes and exams.
  • Access to a team of instructors for support and guidance.

Additionally, the course is designed to be flexible, which allows students to study at their own pace and on their schedule. The course has an impressive 99%+ success rate with its students and there is a money-back guarantee should you fail.

Overall, the course is a valuable investment for anyone looking to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate and become a commercial drone pilot.

Pilot Institute Part 107 Study Guide

Pilot Institute offers a comprehensive study guide for the Part 107 exam, the course includes 15 hours of video content, FAA practice tests, quizzes and lots of resources to help students pass the exam the first time with a money-back guarantee should they fail.

2) Drone Pilot Ground School

The most popular drone flight school, it has thousands of positive reviews, and it’s Part 107 course has a 99% success rate. They offer a refund for the exam fee should you fail after taking their course. The course consists of over 70 videos, cheatsheets, lesson notes, quizzes, practice exams and a 12-page cram sheet to help you remember key concepts that will enhance your chances of passing the exam.

3) Dart Drones

A relatively new drone training school, they have grown rapidly over the past few years, especially after their CEO was featured on Shark Tank and won a deal worth $300,000 from Mark Cuban. They offer a wide range of drone training programs and are continually adding to their catalogue. They provide an in-person and online study program for the Part 107 test and students who take and complete their course have a very high success rate.

4) Drone Launch Academy

This drone training school offers lots of courses and their Part 107 course is very popular. It has a money back guarantee and the training is a combination of high-quality videos that have been optimised for mobile devices so you can watch on the go, a 75-page study guide, practice tests and quizzes and weekly webinars. The course has a 99% success rate and also offers a refund for the exam fee should you fail.

5) DroneU

One of the more established drone flight schools, they have one of the largest course offerings of any drone school. Their Part 107 course consists of video tutorials, a 274-page study guide, regular webinars and access to previous FAA Part 107 exam questions. Unlike the other courses on this list, Drone U offers a monthly or yearly subscription service that will allow you to access their entire course catalogue.

Best Part 107 Study Guides (Free Resources)

1) FAA Part 107 Study Guide

This is a free helpful resource from the FAA, it has 88 pages and covers everything you need to know for the test. It’s not the most user-friendly and its text based and has no images or videos (which have proven to help you learn and understand better).

2) FAA Test Prep Questions

This is a set of 45 FAA test questions for the Part 107 exam, it’ll help you understand what kind of questions will be asked and how to answer them.

3) FAA Test Question From John Peltier

John Peltier is a professional photographer who offers a wide-range of photography courses and also has a Part 107 course. In this article, he lists 10 FAA Part 107 questions and provides answers for them.

4) Jonathan Rupprecht

Jonathan is an accomplished Lawyer who specialises in done law, he has a very useful blog that provides tons of free resources which includes a Part 107 study guide.

5) Tony Northrup

This YouTube video is quite old, but most of the information is still relevant, it’s not a complete guide but it is still helpful.

6) Part 107 Questions and Answer Explanation

A very helpful YouTube where the host goes over 100 Part 107 questions and provides an explanation for each answer.

7) Altitude University Part 107 Study Guide

A more recent YouTube study guide for the Part 107 test from Altitude University.

Final Thoughts

There are many different study materials available on the market to help you with your preparations. There are apps that give quiz questions at random times, flashcards with charts and diagrams, and books full of detailed information. I have only listed a small portion of the many paid and free study guides that are now available.