What is a selfie drone?

Simply put selfie drones have the technological features to take aerial selfies without much fuss. Drones have become so advanced now that you do not even need a controller to control certain drones,a gesture of your hand and the drone will follow your command.

Selfies in this time and age are not confined to mobile phones  anymore. Now you have the opportunity to capture your moments through many super advanced drones for selfies! These little flying robots  make sure that the right selfie is taken from the right angle at the right moment. These drones are portable, user-friendly, high-tech and lightweight, which not only allows you to carry them anywhere anytime but you do not have to be a professional photographer in order to operate them either.

These drones are gaining immense popularity due to the growing trend of wanting to take selfies wherever you are. With some of these selfie drones having a flight time of around 30 minutes, they serve as the perfect gadget for high quality drone selfies at events like concerts,wedding functions,travelling and many other outdoor activities that you may want to document.

Instead of carrying large equipment to these functions, a simple portable drone along with its tiny batteries will serve you right!

If you are on social media (and lets face it most of you are) selfie drones will wow your friends with their ability to take stunning aerial selfies. Be it your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s baby shower, a rock concert or a casual day out with friends, these selfie drones will make a great way to spruce up your social media accounts.

Who would have ever thought that with all the advancements that drones are making,that one of the most trending uses for small compact drones with HD cameras woulld be to take selfies with.

Which ever selfie drone you choose,one of the most important factors if not the most important factor to take into consideration is the camera quality.

Because lets face it,there are some drones you can take selfies with but the image quality wouldnt be really worth it. Which is this list only contains drones with awesome cameras perfect for taking pictures with.

Most of the drones on this list come with true HD cameras apart from the last one (the Elfie drone),I included it because it is cheap and is perfect to take with you anywhere you want.

The table below shows a quick overview of the main features and price of the selfie drones that made the list.

The DJI Mavic Pro

If you’re one of those people who travel light and who love to capture every single moment along the way, then mark our words, the  DJI Mavic Pro will prove to be a worthy travel partner for you in all your adventures. Don’t let its small size fool you though, as on the inside this attractively small yet technologically advanced drone lies a highly complex system that makes the Mavic Pro one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying robots ever.  There’s no question about the performance of this awesome drone, as its 24 powerful computing cores ensure the highest level of performance.

This is my favourite drone,it is the most technologically advanced drone on this list and it can do way more than just taking cool selfies,this drone can take 4K videos and 12 MP still images. It is a drone for professional aerial photographers.

Key Features

  • One of the best things about the Mavic Pro is that it has a very long-range transmission system.
  • Several intelligent modes lets you take selfies without hassle
  • New Ocusync technology lets you stream HD videos with little lag
  • 4K camera, stabilized by a 3-axis advanced gimbal, and full HD 1080p video streaming
  • Obstacle Avoidance system allows it to sense anything within  49ft 
  • Industry-leading flight time of 27 minutes

The DJI Spark

Alpine White, Lava Red, Meadow Green, Sky Blue, Sunrise Yellow and Orange, all these striking names are nothing else but the colours DJI SPARK is available in. Available in 6 super attractive colours, this reliable drone comes with an intelligent flight mode smart system which takes incredible shots for quick videos with a single tap. With its high-performance lens, the 2 axis Gimbal stabilisation feature allows the drone to capture countless moments without shaking thus providing you with high quality distortion free images.

The DJI Spark is the perfect selfie drone as you can fit it in the palm of your hands and launch it with it without the need for a controller.If you do not have the budget for the Mavic Pro,the DJI Spark is a brilliant alternative,having many of the same features but coming in under half the price.

Key Features

  • A tiny drone that has a transforming design
  • Can shoot still images in 12 MP and take 4K UHD videos and with its 2 axis advanced gimbal,distortion will not be a problem.
  • The flight time of 16 minutes and 300 feet range gives you plenty of time and distance to lay around and take the perfect selfie.
  • Has several intelligent modes that will make taking selfies an absolute breeze.

Yuneec Breeze

The Yuneec Breeze selfie drone is Yuneecs answer to DJI’s Mavic,although not as technologically advanced it still has some awesome features including intelligent flight modes.It may surprise you that despite its size,it comes with an awesome 4K camera that gives UHD videos and 13 MP still images

The Breeze is controlled via your smartphone or tablet through the Breeze Cam app. Sit back, relax and enjoy the result of your photos and videos of your adventures with this Smart Drone. Take a step out in the open to get that perfect capture through Breeze.

Key Features

  • With the help of the drones five auto flight modes, you can easily take awesome selfies. There is a specific Selfie mode as well as an Orbit mode to take aerial shots and videos. There is also a follow me mode that is self-explanatory
  • The breeze carries an“optical flow” and infrared location sensors that can manage and remain in control both inside and out in the open, making it easy to control even for beginners.
  • Has auto return feature so that you will never lose this drone
  • You can also upload your images to social media via the Breeze cam app

Hover Camera (Or Passport Drone)

Created specifically for taking aerial photography on the go,this drone that resembles a large passport (hence the name) comes ready to fly with a digitally stabilised 4K camera. It has some really cool features like follow me and orbit mode but its best feature is the intelligent facial recognition algorithm.

It will follow you just by facial recognition and with it take stunning images with the 13 MP camera or record videos in UHD 4K.It is very lightweight and folds up into the size of a notebook,the blades are enclosed so no chance of hurting yourself and it is great for indoors and outdoor flying.I should also mention that the Hover drone camera only works with iOs,so you will need to have either an iPad or iPhone to operate this drone. Which is a disappointment for those using other operating systems,maybe somewhere in the future they will make it compatible with Android.

Key Features

  • Stunning 4K camera with 13 MP for still images
  • Drone is controlled via the Hover camera app which allows for manual and autonomous flight
  • Has a body tracking feature that will keep your full body in a frame if you want to record yourself whilst doing some kind of outdoor activity.
  • Its design means that the blades are always enclosed.

Dobby Selfie Drone

The Dobby selfie drone from the Chinese drone company,Zerotech,is one of the smallest on this list and comes bearing some powerful features.

Its designed to be carried around in your pocket and weighs 199g,the arms fold in and out and is made of plastic.At the front, there is a 13-megapixel camera that can take pretty awesome images and also record videos in HD. The drone is controlled by your smartphone or tablet,you will have to download the Do.Fun app which is available for both iOs and Android. There are a few intelligent flight modes including one that orbits a chosen subject matter and another flight mode that will track you. It has facial recognition features that is great for selfies but it only works in close proximity to whoever has the control.

Key Features

  • 1080p camera
  • 13 MP for still images
  • Drone is controlled via the Do.Fun app 
  • Has a facial tracking feature that will be perfect for selfies
  • Compact design with foldable arms
  • Weighs 199g
  • 9 minute flight time

Eachine E56 720P Drone

 One of the less expensive selfie drones, the Eachine E56  is a pretty cool selfie drone that has a very unique one handed controller. The controller comes with something called a gravity sensor which basically means that when you tilt the controller the drone will also tilt in that direction

The drone comes with a 720p HD camera and with its altitude hold feature,this drone can deliver some pretty good aerial shots.

If you’re not looking for anything else other than just have some fun and take some selfies and don’t mind the overall quality of the images,the Eachine E56 will be a perfect fit.


Key Features

  • The 720p camera lets you take decent aerial photos and videos,nothing groundbreaking but at the price, it is retailing at,its more than worth it.
  • Equipped with an advanced barometer for altitude hold,this makes taking selfies that much easier.
  • 6 axis gyroscope for more balance during takeoff and flight.
  • Foldable design means you can take it anywhere,even carry around in your pocket (if it’s large enough)
  • Has some cool front and back LED lights which is great for night time flying


So are you ready to take your selfie game to the next level? Which selfie drone caught eye and why? I would love to hear your thoughts on this new trend for using drones.

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