Blade Nano QX Review Summary

The Blade Nano is one of the smallest drones on the market and also one that is suitable for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. It comes with Blades innovative SAFE technology that will stabilise the drone during flight making it safe to fly indoors. It’s durable and can take the occasional bumps and has propeller guards for extra safety. The one downside is that there is no camera, however, that should not be a deal-breaker because this drone is great to have some fun with and is aimed towards beginners.

Key Features

    • 8 minutes flight time
    • SAFE technology
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Suitable for indoor flight
    • Great for beginners

Welcome to another drone review, today I will be reviewing the Blade Nano QX, this is a miniature drone that comes with some fun features and is suitable for everyone.

The Blade Nano QX may not look like it provides much in the way of drone features, but as you will see from this review, it is quite an impressive drone and comes with a lot of advanced features.

Blade Nano QX Review

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter measures 18.4*16.1*6.4 and weighs is 18g. This makes it one of the smallest drones in its class. The small size makes it possible to fly in any room – even in spaces as small as an office cubicle.

As it is a very small lightweight drone and does not come with a camera, there is no need to register it with the CAA if you live in the UK. If you are from the USA, you may have to take The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) and register the drone, check the FAA website for more information.

The quadcopter sports a tough yet lightweight airframe that takes its agility to a whole new level. It comes in many colour schemes one of my favourites is the one that comes in green and black.  It weighs about half an ounce, which gives anyone from beginner to experienced, an easier time handling and transporting the drone.

The feather-light design minimises any chances of damage during a crash. Although if you do somehow manage to damage it, there are spare parts available from approved retailers. 

Safe Technology System

The drone can be flown in two modes, SAFE mode and agility mode, SAFE is for beginners whilst agility mode gives you more options to fly aggressively. The quadcopter is equipped with advanced flight control software that gives beginners an easier time flying it.

The SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology functions as the core of the Nano QX RTF Quadcopter. It is designed to control and stabilise the drone to ensure the helicopter is always in an upright and stable position. In this mode, you can let go of the controls and the drone will hover with very little movement.

This advanced technology gives beginners more confidence and enables them to fly like a pro in no time. However, in this mode, It means that you cannot do flips and turn at certain angles but it’s still fun flying and the best option if you are a beginner. The system can be switched to an agility mode to provide greater manoeuvrability like doing flips and faster flying speeds, although this mode is more for experienced flyers.

Powerful Brushed Motors

This drone packs incredible power that seems amazing considering its size. It derives its power from a 3.7-volt lithium polymer battery this powerful battery provides an extended flight time of 8 minutes on a single charge. Which is in line with other quadcopters in its class.

The battery takes around 30 minutes to fully recharge so it is advisable to have spares around. It drives high-performance, 6mm brushed coreless motors that spin the 1.97-inch propeller at incredible speed to provide a powerful lift.

The quadcopter sports 4 motors that put it in the air in no time. As with all small quadcopters, it zips around fast, so be careful when flying indoors. It does have propeller guards so damage should be non-existent should you crash into something

Elegant and Durable Finish

This quadcopter is not just about power. It comes in a nice, elegant finish that blends well in any environment. The drone sports a powder-coated finish that makes it resistant to scratches and harsh outdoor elements. The result is a tough and durable quadcopter that can take most bumps and crashes.

The Controller

The controller resembles that of a video console gamepad, it’s ergonomic design means it fits nicely in your hands. It uses two sticks to control the drone, the left is used to tilt left and right, while the right stick is for rotating the drone.

The ability to go up or down and move left or right can be achieved by using either control. The controller uses 4 AA batteries and they are included with the package.

You can also buy the drone without a controller if you have a 4+ channel DSM2 or DSMX transmitter you can bind the drone to your controller and be ready to fly in no time. Although a word of warning, if you have no controller and wish to buy one, some of them cost as much as the drone itself.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter is a great drone for beginners, the battery life isn’t long but that can be easily overcome with the purchase of some spare batteries. The design is aesthetically pleasing and built to withstand crashes, there are some spare propellers if they get damaged. It’s a fun drone that’s cheap and suitable for beginners, however, if you would like more options for beginner-friendly drones, click on the button below.