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Top Consumer Drone Companies

So,who are the top drone companies in the world? More specifically which company has the largest market share for consumer drones? Data for consumer drone market share is hard to attain,however, there is near consensus that DJI dominate with nearly 70% of the market share. I wasn’t surprised by DJ being so dominant (here is my article on DJI’s rise to power), what I was interested in when I first started to compile this list was which drone companies made up the other 30%. The drone industry has grown at an exponential rate over the past few years and...

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DJI’s Dominance

DJI have cornered nearly 70% of the Worldwide consumer drone market, while many of their competitors fall like flies and many having to cut jobs to reduce costs, DJI keeps on churning out brilliant drones. It seems like DJI’s only competitors are DJI themselves. In the US DJI control 50% of the consumer drone market, that is quite staggering when you take into account how crowded the market has gotten and the rising competition. How have they managed to dominate? Read on and all will be revealed So, how has DJI managed to dominate the consumer drone industry to such...

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Drone Careers

With drone use becoming ever more popular as a form of entertainment it has also opened another front in the jobs market. Many drones are now equipped with advanced technology which makes them perfect for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. This is why a career in the world of drones will be highly rewarding and competitive.  Photography and Real Estate dominate the use of drones for commercial reason, although it’s expected that construction and agriculture will see increased use of drones too. Forbes magazine predicts that jobs in cartography and photogrammetry will see a 29% increase by...

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Top 50 Drone Blogs