Contixo F24 Pro Short Review

The Contixo F24 Pro is a medium-sized foldable drone that has a larger than usual body. It comes with a good HD camera that is capable of recording videos in 2.7K and taking images in 4K. It comes with several cool features like GPS, smart flight modes and gesture control mode which will allow you to take images and videos through mere hand gesture. It has a good flight time of 26-30 minutes and is a very fun drone to fly.

Key Features

  • 2.7K Camera
  • 8MP 
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Gesture Control Mode
  • GPS
  • Automatic Return Home
  • 26 Minute Flight Time

Hi, in this article I will review the Contixo F24 Pro 2.7K camera drone.

Contixo are relatively new to the world of consumer drones, they haven’t released many drones but they ones that they have released have been well-received and this is the case with the Contixo F24 Pro.

As I have stated many times in my other reviews, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to low-cost high-quality drones and although the Contixo F24 Pro is slightly on the higher-end of the low-cost drone market, as you shall see from this review, it’s a really good drone.

Now, before I get on with this review, I have to tell you something, when you go to the product page on Amazon, in the title it will say that this is a 4K drone. While this is technically correct, most people will think that it means the drone can record in 4K video, however, its actually stating the image resolution. This is kind of misleading and I have seen other drone companies do it as well.

There really is no need for this because even with a 2.7K camera, the video quality is pretty good.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

As you may have guessed from its name, the Contixo F24 Pro is an upgrade to an earlier version of this drone. The main upgrade being its 2.7K wide-angle camera which I will talk about later on this review.

Now, one aspect of the drone I do not like is it’s overall design, yes, the Contixo F24 Pro is a foldable drone, which as many of you will know (if you read my reviews regularly) are my favourite types of drones.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

Foldable drones are probably the most popular type of consumer drones and their compact nature makes them excellent drones to travel with. However, the issue I have with the Contixo F24 Pro is that its main body is a little too bulky for my liking. It actually looks very similar to another drone I reviewed called the SJRC F11 Pro.

However, that is my personal taste and it in no way reflects my overall impression on the drone which is positive.

The drone is well built, it looks and feels solid and one positive aspect of its bulky design is that it holds up relatively well in slightly windy conditions. Although, if you are completely new to flying a drone, I would advise you never to fly in any kind harsh weather conditions.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

I do like its metallic grey colour scheme, it reminds me of the Mavic Pro (the drone that made the foldable design very popular).

It’s a medium-sized drone, it measures 11.7*9.2*4.8 inches when its arms are fully expanded and weighs just over 500g. As the drone weighs over 250g, you will need to register it if you live in the UK, Canada or the USA. Most other countries do not require any kind of registration if all you are just going to be flying for fun. However, since drone laws are kind of fluid, please do check what the rules are where you live just to be safe.

Like most modern drones, the Contixo F24 Pro has some nice LED lights on the end of each of its rotor arms. These make for a fantastic spectacle if you fly the drone at night time, the LED lights also help you to calibrate the drone’s compass which you will need to do before flying the drone.

One of the best features of this drone is it’s powerful brushless motors which help it to fly more smoothly and is quieter than brushed motors. Brushless motors are far more efficient and last longer than brushed motors and hence the reason drones with brushless motors are a little more expensive.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

Now, I mentioned earlier in the article that the body is a little too bulky and this is because of the large intelligent battery that powers the drone. It’s a 7.4v 2500 mAh lipo battery and fits in neatly on top of the drone. It has some LED lights that indicate its power level is charged via a USB port. Fully recharging the battery takes around 3 hours, so its highly advised that you purchase at least one more battery to extend your flight time instead of having to wait for the battery to recharge to able to fly again.

The battery provides the drone with a flight time of around 26 minutes, the official time is 30 minutes but usually, it’s a few minutes less. Still, 26 minutes is one of the leading flight times for a drone that costs less than $300, even some drones that cost more do not have such a long flight time.

An aspect of the drone I really like is its remote controller, it has a nice minimalist design and is comfortable to hold. It has a pair of handles that fold out from the bottom, which I personally think is unnecessary, but it may provide a better grip for some people. It has an internal rechargeable battery and has a transmission range of around 1000 meters. For FPV, its transmission range is slightly less at around 700 meters but this will also depend upon what type of smartphone you have (the newer, the better transmission range for FPV).

Contixo F24 Pro Review

There is a smartphone holder that pulls out from the middle and some nice LED lights that indicate the battery level and the flight mode the drone is in.

To get full access to the drones many features, you will need to download the official app which is called the Contixo F22. It’s available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It has a pretty good rating on both marketplaces, although it has not been updated for a while, which is a little worrying, the app works as it should, so this hasn’t been an issue so far.

Contixo F24 Pro Camera

Now we get to the main feature of this drone (of any drone actually) and that is its HD camera.

This is a wide-angle camera that can be remotely adjusted 90° to get better viewing angles. It is a fixed camera, there is no gimbal system to stabilise the images and videos, so you will see some jello effect, although the overall image and video quality is good. You can record videos in 2.7K via a micro SD card (not included with the package) and live stream video footage in 720p. Images are captured in 4K which is equivalent to around 9MP and the quality is also very good.

Just a word of caution, you will see some lag and interference in the FPV quality the closer the drone gets to its transmission range limit. for the best quality, it is advised to stay well within the transmission range.

This is a good overall camera, the video quality is very clear (with a little noticeable jello effect), however, if you want a drone that will allow you to shoot near professional videos and images without breaking the bank. I recommend you check out the Hubsan Zino, which is a 4K camera drone (4K video) that is stabilised by a 3-axis gimbal for superior quality images and videos. The drone costs a little bit more than the Contixo F24 Pro, but is also a far superior drone.

Other Features

Contixo F24 Pro Review

As you would expect from an advanced drone, the Contixo F24 Pro comes with some cool features that will make it easier and more fun to fly.

These features include the following:

GPS – With drone being enabled with GPS, you can track the drone on the app and also fly the drone autonomously through its smart flight modes.

Orbit Mode – In this mode the drone will circle you automatically.

Follow Me – Similar to orbit mode but this time the drone will follow you.

Waypoint – Draw a flight path on the drone app and the drone will automatically fly along that route and come back home. This is the smart flight mode that has some issues, it does not always work as sometimes the map fails to load properly.

Gesture Control – Take videos and images through the gesture of your hand movement, this is a cool feature you can show-off with family and friends.

The drone also comes with an automatic return home feature that can be manually activated via the app or the controller. This feature is also automatically activated if you lose connection with the drone or if the battery gets low on charge.

Flight Performance

As I alluded to earlier in this article, the drone has a good overall flight performance. It’s fairly easy to operate even beginners will not find it hard to fly this drone. As it is a bulky drone, it holds up well in windy conditions, although I would never fly drones in any kind harsh weather, especially if you want to take images and videos as there will be a little more distortion than usual.

Final Thoughts

Despite my personal reservations about its design, the Contixo F24 Pro is a pretty good drone that you can have a lot of fun with. You can record some good aerial video footage with its 2.7K camera and take exceptional 4K images. One of the best features is its flight time which is pretty good for a drone that costs less than $300. Click on the button below for more information and its price.