DJI, the world leader in civilian drone and aerial imaging technology, will be releasing a host of products this year. We hope that the long-awaited DJI Air 3 will be among them.

The DJI Air range is one of their most popular consumer drone range; they are packed with features, are easy to operate and are not too expensive. The DJ Air 2S raised the bar for lightweight drones for aerial photography with its 1-inch sensor and 31 minutes of flight time.

However, it has been a couple of years since its release, and there is an expectation that DJI will be announcing the release of the DJI Air 3 later this year.

DJI Air 3 Release Date

The DJI Air 3 was released on the 25th of August, 2023; read the full review of the DJI Air 3 here.

DJI Air 3 Upgrades

The DJI Air 3 is expected to come with a slew of upgrades, particularly in the areas of camera performance, transmission range, obstacle avoidance and flight time.

Enhanced Camera Capabilities

The DJI Air 3 will feature significant improvements in camera technology compared to its predecessor, the DJI Air 2S. With a focus on providing professional-quality aerial photography, the Air 3 comes with a dual camera system that is similar to the DJI Mavic 3.

It’s equipped with a dual-primary camera system, consisting of a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS wide-angle camera and a 1/1.3-inch-CMOS 3x medium telephoto camera, all packed into a stylish, compact body. These two cameras, while having the same sensor size, offer different focal lengths, ensuring consistent image quality while opening up a world of dynamic imaging opportunities.

Each camera is capable of snapping 48MP photos, delivering incredibly detailed images that allow for easy cropping in post-production if required. They also support dual native ISO, enabling the direct output of 4K/60fps HDR videos without any cropping. This ensures your footage is filled with vibrant colours and smooth lighting transitions, resulting in stunning videos.

Extended Transmission Range

The DJI Air 3 drone is equipped with the O4 HD video transmission system. The O4 transmission system is the latest version of DJI’s OcuSync transmission technology. It offers an improved video transmission range of 20km, allowing for more stable and reliable connections between the drone and the remote controller. 

Improved Flight Time

The DJI Air 3 camera drone truly impresses with its flight time, clocking in at an impressive 46 minutes. This marks a substantial increase of 15 minutes compared to its predecessor, a leap forward that offers pilots even more time in the sky.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities

The DJI Air 3 comes with a highly advanced omnidirectional obstacle sensing system, a significant upgrade from the 4-way obstacle avoidance system of the DJI Air 2S. This innovative feature offers comprehensive protection during flights, ensuring safer and smoother operations.

This system is engineered to identify potential obstacles in various directions, effectively helping to prevent any unwanted collisions. It employs a mix of visual sensors and sophisticated algorithms to recognize objects and barriers in the drone’s trajectory.

What sets the Air 3 apart is its ability to detect obstacles not just in front and behind, but also on both sides of the aircraft. This allows the drone to smartly modify its flight path and steer clear of obstacles autonomously, making it a truly intelligent flying machine.

How Much Will The DJI Air 3 Cost?

The DJI Air 3 comes in a variety of packages, each with its own price point:

The DJI Air 3 (DJI RC-N2) is priced at $1,099.

The DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC-N2) comes in at $1,349.

The DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2) is available for $1,549.

Do keep in mind that these prices can fluctuate based on your location and any additional accessories or promotional offers that might be included with your purchase. For the most current and precise pricing information, it’s recommended to visit the official DJI website or get in touch with authorized DJI retailers.


The DJI Air 3 will be a game-changer in the world of consumer drones with its upgraded camera, extended transmission range, omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system and improved flight time. Read the full review of the DJI Air 3