JJRC X11 Short Review

The JJRC X11 comes with a 2K HD camera that has an 8 MP sensor, which will allow you to take supreme quality images and videos. It comes with dual GPS and has ultrasonic and optical flow sensors on the underneath of its main body. You can live stream videos from 500 meters and you control the drone from a maximum distance of 1600 meters. It has a very intuitive app which is easy to use and a flight time of 20 minutes. A very good overall drone that is worth the price,

Key Features

  • 2K Camera
  • 8MP 
  • 1 Axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Dual GPS
  • Automatic Low Battery Return Home
  • 20 Minute Flight Time

Hi there and welcome to my review of the JJRC X11 2K camera drone.

If you are looking for a high-quality HD drone that also comes with some advanced feature, the JJRC X11 ticks all those boxes.

JJRC have released some really cool drones that are feature rich and suitable for everyone, I have already reviewed a couple on this blog, specifically the X5 AND X9 Heron, both have been impressive.

One of the main reasons to purchase a drone is because most of them now come with an HD camera, however, just a few years ago, purchasing an HD camera drone would have cost you quite a sum of money. Now, with increased consumer demands and more choice, their prices have gone down and drones like the JJRC X11 cost less than $300.!!

JJRC X11 Review

The JJRC X11 has a nice overall design and looks very futuristic with its compact foldable design and all-black colour scheme.

JJRC X11 Review

On a personal note, foldable drones are my favourite kind of drones, its why you see so many reviews of foldable drones on this site. Like most foldable drones, the JJRC X11 is fairly lightweight and is easy to carry around, this makes it a great drone to travel with.

It’s built from high-grade plastic and feels very like a premium range drone, what I mean by this is that it has a solid build and will not breakdown easily, even if you crash it. For a foldable drone, it is quite large when unfolded, measuring 45.2*45.5*7 cm, the body of the drone is rectangular shapes and the rotor arms are easy to unfold.

Each rotor arm has LED lights on the bottom, these not only look cool but they serve a couple of purposes. One they indicate when the drone is fully calibrated and they allow you to fly the drone during the night.

This is a powerful drone and this is highlighted by its brushless motors that has a 1350kv rating, brushless motors are more efficient and give the drone more thrust during flight. These powerful motors also give the drone a lot of speed, in the case of the JJRC X11, its maximum speed is around 40 km/h which is pretty fast for a drone that is not built for racing.

The drone is powered by 7.6V 3400 mAh lipo battery that slots in nicely in the rear of the drone. It’s one of these modern range of modular batteries that provide longer-lasting charge and this results in a longer flight time, which is around 20 minutes for the JJRC X11.

For a drone in its price range, this is a fairly long flight time, however, I do think you need more than 20 minutes to fully enjoy flying a drone and hence why I always advise people to purchase extra batteries. Luckily, you do get the option to buy the JJRC X11 with either two or three batteries from Banggood which I believe is the better option rather having to purchase them individually later on.

Each battery takes around 4 hours to charge, which is another reason to purchase extra batteries because 4 hours is a long time to wait if you only have one battery and want to fly the drone again.

Speaking of charging, the drone comes with a neat looking a charging station that will allow you to charge 2 batteries at once.

JJRC X11 Review

Before I get to the main features of this drone, I want to say a few things about the remote controller.

The JJRC X11 remote controller is designed with your comfort in mind, it actually looks a lot similar to the DJI Mavic controller. It’s small and ergonomic, has rounded edges and there are two hand grips that pull out from the bottom. I actually don’t like that aspect of the controller as I believe holding the controller is more comfortable than holding these grippers.

JJRC X11 Review

There is a smartphone attachment that pulls out from the top, you can fit any size phone on this but it’s not suitable for tablets. Another feature of this controller I like is its small LCD screen in the middle, this will provide you with telemetry readings from the drone such as drone height, distance, battery level and flight mode. All the buttons are easily identified by small icons next to them, so you know what they do and it takes 2AA batteries.

JJRC X11 Camera

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that one of the main reasons I love flying drones is because of the camera they come with. Drones with HD cameras such as the JJRC X11 let you see the world from above and experiences places from completely new perspective.

This can provide an exhilarating experience and this what the JJRC X11 2K camera drone can give you.

You can shoot 2K videos at 30fps and take good aerial images with its 8MP sensor and with its wide-angle lens, you can capture a lot more details in these images and video fooatge.

It still amazes me that this drone costs less than $200, the 2K camera is alone worth the price, the images are really high quality and the video streaming is very good. There is some jello effect when live stream to your smartphone but you’ll hardly notice it, plus the camera is mounted on a 1 axis gimbal which will help minimise distortion in your images and videos.

JJRC X11 Review

The FPV range is between 300-500 meters in good conditions, this is a pretty good range and the range can be expanded to 800 meters with newer smartphone devices.

It’s not a professional camera and your images and videos will not win you any prizes but for less than $300, this a pretty good 2K camera drone and well worth the price.

However, if you want an affordable 4K camera drone that can record professional grade video footages in 4K, I recommend you read my article on the best cheap 4K drones, there are some stunning 4K drones at reasonable prices.

Intelligent Flight Modes

As you would expect from an advanced modern drone like the JJRC X11, it comes with several intelligent flight modes. Not only will these flight modes make it easier to fly but you will also be able to take better images and videos as you will not have to concentrate too much on controlling the drone.

The JJRC comes with the following intelligent flight modes;

Tap Fly – Draw a path on the drone app and it will automatically follow that path and come back home. A real coo way to fly across your favourite area and take images and photographs videos without any hassle.

Point of Interest – You can lock the drone on a position in your app and the drone will orbit the position from a height and distance of your choosing.

Follow me – Pretty much self-explanatory, in this mode the drone will follow you, a coo way to record yourself when going for a hike or bike ride.

In addition to these flight modes, the drone also comes with one-button home return, this a really useful feature if you ever lose sight of your drone. This home return feature is also automatically activated if you ever lose connection with the drone or when your battery charge starts to get low.

This minimises the risk of losing your drone in mid-flight.

Flight Performance

As you would expect from a JJRC drone, it fly’s well, it hovers accurately and can maintain a steady altitude, which makes it easier to take videos and photographs. The drones bulky design also makes it safe to fly in windy conditions but only do so if you are an experienced drone pilot. The drone has ultrasonic and optical flow sensors on its belly, these sensors will help the drone to hover accurately when there is no GPS signal in the area. This also means, you can fly the drone indoors, but as the drone is quite large when unfolded, the indoor area would have to be big, otherwise you’ll just end up crashing into everything.

Final Thoughts

I really like this drone, JJRC have released some really good drones over the years and the JJRC X11 is one of their best. The best feature is definitely its 2K camera with 8MP sensor, you will be able to take some good aerial shots with this camera and with its 5G WiFi technology, you will be able to stream quality live video straight to your smartphone. If you want more options for beginner-friendly drones, click on the button below.