MJX Bugs 4W Short Review

The MJX Bugs 4W is a foldable drone that comes with a 2K camera that is stabilised by a single axis mechanical gimbal. The camera is equipped with an 8MP CMOS sensor that will give you excellent aerial images and it can stream live video footage in 720p HD quality. The drone has a flight time of 22 minutes and has a maximum range of 1200 meters in perfect flying conditions. It’s a fast drone with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and is suitable for everyone.

Key Features

  • 2K Camera
  • 8MP 
  • 1 Axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • FPV
  • Automatic Return Home
  • 22 Minute Flight Time
  • 1200m Transmission Range

MJX have released some very popular drones over the years and it’s no surprise that one of their latest drones, the MJX Bugs 4W has proven to be popular as well. In this review of the MJX Bugs 4W, I will be going through all its main features, see how well the camera performs and how it stacks up against other very similar drones.

As some regular readers of my blog will know, cameras are my favourite features of a drone, so when I saw that the MJX Bugs 4W came with a 2K camera and is a foldable drone, I just had to review it.

The MJX Bugs 4W is also a surprisingly low-cost drone that is currently selling for less than $250, so if you are looking for a relatively cheap HD camera drone with some advanced features, keep reading this review of the MJX Bugs 4W as it may have everything you want in a drone.

MJX Bugs 4W Review

One of the first things that will stand out from the MJX Bugs 4W is how big it is, yes it’s a foldable drone, but when it is unfolded, it is rather a large drone and reminds me of the Eachine EX3, which comes with a similar design and features.

The Bugs 4W measures 45*45*7.5 cm which is very large for a foldable drone and in its folded form it measures 19*13*7.5 cm. Being totally honest here, the design of the drone is not to my liking, foldable drones are my favourite types of drones, but the MJX Bugs 4W looks a bit too bulky when folded up, like a thick rectangular block and it weighs just over 600g which isn’t very heavy but significant.

MJX Bugs 4W Review

This is because in countries such as the UK, Canada and the USA, you will need to register any drone that weighs more than 250g. For any other country, please to check your local aviation rules to see if you need to register or not.

Putting the design aspect aside, the drone structure is very firm, its made from highly durable plastic and will not break easily if you crash it now and then. Because of its size and weight, it does hold up surprisingly well in windy conditions, although if you are a beginner pilot, I would never recommend you fly in harsh weather conditions.

The drone is equipped with modern brushless motors, which are more powerful and efficient than brushed motors. They also last longer and do not require as much maintenance as brushed motors require. These brushless motors give the Bugs 4W a lot of trust during take-off and are also one of the reasons the drone can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h, which is fast for a non-racing drone.

The drone is powered by a 7.6v 3400 mAh lipo battery, these are modern modular batteries that last for longer and provide a long flight time. In the case of the MJX Bugs 4W, it has a flight time of around 22 minutes, which is a good flight time. However, charging the battery takes a few hours, so purchasing extra batteries is always advised.

Fortunately, you are given the option to buy the drone with an extra two of three batteries, so you will not have to purchase them separately later.

Like a lot of drones, the Bugs 4W has some really cool LED lights underneath each rotor, not only do these look spectacular, especially during the night but they also help to indicate when your drone’s compass is fully calibrated before you start to fly.

There are also two LED lights on its belly, these are pretty cool lights and when you turn them on at night, it seems like the drone is searching for something. There are two ultrasonic sensors and an optical flow camera that will help with flight stabilisation and better hovering capability.

MJX Bugs 4W Review

One last thing I want to mention before I get to the main features of the MJX Bugs 4W is its remote controller.

It’s a very well-designed controller and has a minimalistic look which I think makes it look better. It’s a medium-sized controller and feels comfortable in your hands, there are two handles that fold out from the bottom, which is supposed to provide better grip, but I don’t see any need for them.

It’s powered by 2AA batteries, which are not included with the drone package, so remember that if you do decide to purchase the drone. One of the best features of this controller is its OLED screen, not only does it look cool but it also provides you with telemetry details about the drone, with a quick glance you see how many satellites the drone has locked onto, its height and distance, battery level and flight mode.

MJX Bugs 4W Review

The control range without using the FPV feature is over 1200 meters, however, if you want to stream live video footage, it’s significantly less at around 500-800 meters, depending upon weather conditions and the type of smartphone you have.

To use the FPV features and smart flight modes, you will need to download the Bugs Go app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It’s one of the better drone apps and this can be seen from its overall rating on the Google Play Store. It’s easy to use, has an interactive user manual and is updated on a regular basis.

MJX Bugs 4W Camera

MJX Bugs 4W Review

Now to my favourite feature of this drone and that is its 2K camera, this is an exceptional camera that will allow you to take some really good aerial photography and video footage.

Now, its not a professional camera, so don’t expect to win any awards with this but it can record in HD 2K at 30 fps and the video footage is pretty good. The camera is stabilised by a single axis mechanical gimbal which means video distortion and jello effect will be minimised.

The camera lens has a 110° field of view that will allow you to capture more detail in one shot and you will be able to pitch the camera 90° to get better viewing angles. By the way, you can control the camera’s viewing angle from the dial on top of the remote controller which is far more convenient than having to do it manually.

The camera has an 8MP CMOS sensor which will allow you to take some good aerial image and its video streaming range is between 500-800 meters and the streaming footage is very good as well. Not as clear as the recorded video footage but still clear and enjoyable to view.

Overall, it’s a very good camera, especially at price the drone is currently selling for.

However, if you want something a little more professonal like a 4K drone but do not pay a grand for one, I recommend you check out my list of the best drones for under $500, all the drones on that list are 4K and will record near professional-level videos and images. 

Other Features

The camera is my favourite feature of this drone, however, The MJX Bugs 4W drone comes with some additional features that will enhance your flying experience.

Ultra-sonic and Optical Flow Sensors – The ultra-sonic sensors will help to calculate the distance between the drone and the ground so that it maintains a steady altitude and it also helps the drone to have a steady landing. The optical flow sensor helps to maintain flight stability in areas where GPS signal is weak.

Follow Me – One of the three smart flight modes that come with this drone, with the follow me mode, the drone will lock onto your smartphone and follow you wherever you go.

Tap Fly – This smart flight mode will allow you to draw a path on the app and the drone will fly along the route automatically and come back home. This is a great flight mode to utilise if you want to take better video footage or aerial photography without having to concentrate on controlling the drone.

Point Of Interest – Also known as orbit mode, on the app you can choose a position as your point of interest and the drone will orbit that position from the height and distance of your choosing.

Automatic Return Home – This is one of the best features of this drone as it will minimise the risks of you losing the drone in mid-flight. You can either activate this feature manually by pressing the RTH button on the controller or the app. It will activate automatically should you lose connection or when the battery gets too low.

Flight Performance

The drone is easy to fly, especially with its one-button take-off and landing feature. It holds up well even if its slightly windy, this is due to its large size and weight. It is a fast drone, so for beginners, I would advise you to fly it in its default flight mode which limits how fast the drone goes. The video streaming feature is good, although it will only stream in 720p@ 20fps. 

Final Thoughts

This is a good drone that comes with a solid 2K camera and some advanced features, its suitable for everyone but more so for people who have a little flying experience. It is a big drone which may put some people off and even when its folded up, it looks bulky. However, it fly’s well and all its main features work as they should. 

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