Snaptain SP700 Short Review

snaptain sp700 review

The Snaptain SP700 is a really good drone that is well-built and comes with some advanced features. These include a 2k camera with FPV capability, GPS, powerful brushless motors and smart flight modes. The drone is easy to fly and is durable, so it can withstand the occasional bumps; it has a flight time of around 18 minutes and a transmission range of 500 meters.

Update – This drone has been out of stock for a while (like a lot of drones from Snaptain); however, this drone is a rebranded version of the MJX Bugs 2 drone; there is a version by Force 1 that is still on sale on Amazon. It’s the same drone but a brand.

Key Features

  • 2k camera
  • FPV
  • Automatic return to home
  • Smart flight modes
  • 18 minutes of flight time

This is an updated review of the Snaptain SP700 drone. This is a cheap GPS drone that comes with some advanced features and is fun to operate. However, it looks like Snaptain is longer selling the drone as it has been labelled out of stock for a long time. Fortunately, it is being sold under a different brand (Force 1) around a similar price range (under $100).

This is one of the newer drone models from Snaptain, although it does look to be a rebranded and upgraded version of the MJX Bugs 2 drone.

Snaptain has some of the most popular and well-rated drones on Walmart, one of my personal favourites is the Snaptain S5C, which is fantastic for beginners.

The Snaptain SP700 is a little more advanced, and hence it costs a bit more as well, it comes with some really cool features and is a lot of fun to fly.

Carry on reading this full review of the Snaptain SP700 to find out the features it comes with and if it is something that is suitable for your needs.

Snaptain SP700 Review

So, if you are a drone enthusiast, you will notice that the Snaptain SP700 looks a lot similar to the MJX Bugs 2, which is a hugely popular drone.

snaptain sp700 review

However, the Snaptain SP700 comes with a few differences, and it looks way better, the drone comes with a cool army camouflage graphic all around its body and around where its camera is, it has what I guess is some shark teeth.

It’s a well-designed drone and is structurally solid, it’s not a fragile drone and so will not be damaged easily if you do crash it now and again (although try not to).

One thing you must be aware of is its weight, it weighs around 500g, which isn’t very heavy, but you will need to register the drone if you live in the USA. You will also be required to take the FAA TRUST exam if this is your first drone.

As far as I am aware, most other countries do not have any kind of weight requirement for you to register a drone if you are just going to be flying for fun. However, please still check what the rules and regulations are wherever you live just so that you know you are complying with the law.

One of the advanced features of this drone is that it comes with brushless motors, I think this is Snaptain’s first brushless motor drone and would also explain why it’s their most expensive drone as well.

snaptain sp700 review

Brushless motors are more efficient and powerful than brushed motors, and they also last longer, they also allow the drone to reach a top speed of 36 km/h, which is pretty fast for a non-racing drone.

However, to keep these motors in optimal condition, it’s advised that you clean them on a regular basis so that they are free from any debris they may pick up during flight.

A really cool feature of the Snaptain SP700 is the large LED lights underneath each rotor; these lights make for a nice spectacle if you fly the drone at night. Although, you should only fly at night if you are an experienced drone pilot.

The lights also serve another purpose, and that is to indicate when the drone compass has been fully calibrated.

The drone is also enabled with a GPS system, this allows you to keep a pinpoint location of the drone and also allows it to fly more smoothly and hover accurately.

There is a micro SD card slot on the side of the drone; this will allow you to record your videos and photos locally instead of having to transmit it over WiFi and record it on your phone, which affects the overall quality.

It can take a maximum of 32 GB and is best suited for class 10 or above memory cards; unfortunately, you do not get one with the drone package, so keep this in mind if you do decide to purchase this drone.

It has a decent flight time of around 18 minutes, although I have seen longer flight times on similarly priced drones. While 18 minutes is a good flight time, it’s not nearly enough to fully enjoy flying a drone, and this is why I always suggest to people that they purchase an extra battery to two along with the drone.

Speaking of batteries, this drone is powered by a 7.4v 1800 mAh LiPo battery; this is one of those modern modular batteries that are easy to install and fits easily into the back of the drone.

One aspect of the drone I really like is its remote controller, it’s a big controller but has a nice curved design that makes it comfortable to hold. It requires 4 AA batteries to operate; unfortunately, these are not included with the package, so you will need to purchase some yourself.

You get a separate smartphone attachment that you clip on top of the controller, this can easily hold a large smartphone but not a tablet. There is an LCD screen on the bottom that will display vital telemetry details about the drone, like its height, distance, battery level and the number of satellites it has locked onto.

The official transmission range is around 500 meters, but this is only if you fly in absolutely perfect conditions, so expect something in the range of around 300-400 meters. The range is even less if you use the FPV feature (which you most definitely will), the FPV range is around 150-200 meters.

To make use of the FPV features, you will need to download the Snaptain Eco app, and this is exactly like the MJX Bug Go app but branded under Snaptain. It’s one of the better drone apps I have come across, it has a nice UI and is easy to use.

Snaptain SP700 Camera

snaptain sp700 review

So, one of the main reasons I enjoy flying drones is because of their cameras; seeing the world from above is always a fun experience.

While the Snaptain SP700 does not come with a professional-grade camera, it provides some really nice video footage and still images. As it has no stabilisation feature, you will notice some distortion, but this shouldn’t really be an issue as you will not be using this drone in any sort of professional capacity.

It has a wide-angle lens, and you can manually adjust the camera 90°, although it would have been far more convenient if you could do this via the remote controller. The live video feed is transmitted in 720p, this is decent quality, and if you stay within the FPV range, there is little interference.

The camera can record video footage in 2k, which is pretty good for this type of drone, however, to get this video resolution, you will need to record it on a micro SD card.

Overall, I like this camera, you can take some really nice videos and still images with it, it will not win you any awards, but then again, it’s not meant to.

Intelligent Flight Modes

snaptain sp700 review

Many modern drones now come with smart or intelligent flight modes, these allow you to fly the drone hands-free, this allows you to take better videos and photos without having to worry about controlling the drone.

The Snaptain SP700 comes with three smart flight modes, they are:

Orbit – In this flight mode, the drone will lock on to a point of interest of your choosing and orbit that position automatically.

Waypoint – This smart flight mode allows you to draw a flight path on the app, and the drone will fly along the route on autopilot.

Follow me – This mode is self-explanatory; the drone will lock on to your smartphone and follow you from behind.

The drone also comes with an automatic return home feature, now, this feature is pretty much standard in a lot of modern drones. It is a very useful feature that will minimise the risks of losing the drone in mid-flight.

The feature can be activated via the return to home button on the controller or app, and it will be activated automatically if you lose connection with the drone or if the battery gets low on charge.

Flight Performance

As you would expect from a Snaptain drone, the SP700 fly is very well; it’s easy to fly, especially since it comes with headless mode and GPS. The drone hovers accurately, and the FPV and smart flight modes work as they should.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an affordable drone with some advanced features and a good camera, the Snaptain SP700 is worth considering. It’s a fun drone to fly, the camera, while not amazing, can still take some decent video and photos, and the smart flight modes are an added bonus. Click on the button below to find out more and see its current price.


How much does the Snaptain SP700 weigh?

The Snaptain SP500 weighs just over 500g, this will require you to register the drone with the FAA.

How far can the Snaptain SP700 fly?

The drone has a range of around 500 meters in good weather.