Wingsland S6 Short Review

The Wingsland S6 4K drone is one of the most beautiful drones I have comes across, it has a nice foldable design and the body is very flat that you can fit it in your pocket. Its very lightweight and comes with an HD camera that is capable of recording 4k video footage at 30fps and shooting 13mp still images. It has a dual GPS system and comes with a couple of smart flight modes, the specs are amazing for this low-cost, however, it does have its issues which you can read more about in the full review.

Key Features

  • 4k camera
  • 13mp
  • Electronic image stabilisation
  • Dual GPS
  • Smart flight modes
  • 10 minutes of flight time (official)

Hi and welcome to my review of the Wingsland S6 4K pocket/selfie drone.

This is actually a pretty old drone, so I was surprised by some of the advanced features it came with, especially the 4k camera.

There are a lot of drones that cost under $200 that claim to have a 4K camera, but this is usually misleading because when you check the details, it will say that only images can be taken in 4k and not videos.

However, this is not the case the Wingsland S6 4K drone, it can record in actual 4k and comes with some really good features, however, as you shall see from this review, it does have its issues and a lot of customer complaints.

Wingsland S6 Review

My favourite kind of drone is one that comes with a foldable design and is lightweight. The Wingsland S6 4K drone ticks both of these features, it is a small foldable drone that has a flat design and is very compact when folded up

Its beautiful design and weight make it a great drone to travel with as it will fit easily in your luggage without taking up much space. Of course, the best way to travel with a drone is to purchase a drone carry case which will be more convenient and many of them are very stylish.

The drone comes in multiple colours, my two favourites are the metallic silver and all-black, both look super cool and futuristic. It looks and feels like a premium drone and the packaging it comes in amplify that tone, Wingsland really went all out with this drone.

wingsland s6 review

The Wingsland S6 drone is also known as a pocket drone and this is because its main body is so flat that when you fold it up, you could fit in your pocket, although I wouldn’t recommend travelling with a drone this way.

Something I must mention of this drone is its weight, as it weighs more than 250g, you will need to register the drone if you live in the UK, Canada, or the USA. However, if you plan on using this drone for commercial reasons, you will need to get a drone license as well.

Most other countries do not require you to register a drone if you are just going to be flying for fun, however, please still check what the rules are wherever you live just so that you are complying with the law.

One of the advanced features of this drone is its brushless motors, these are powerful and more efficient than brushed motors and hence they last longer. Brushed motors still need regular maintenance to keep them in optimal conditions, so make sure to clean them regularly.

There are a couple of LED lights on the front and the rear, these look nice, but they are not powerful enough to fly the drone at night. There is also a flashlight near the camera, this will allow you to take better quality photos if you are in an area with low light.

The drone comes with dual GPS which will allow you to connect to a greater number of satellites, this will allow you to track the drone more accurately on the app and provide it with better stability during flight and also allows for the autonomous flight modes the drone comes with.

wingsland s6 review

There are a couple of ultrasonic sensors and one optical flow sensor on the belly of the drone, these will help the drone fly in areas that have a weak GPS signal. However, these sensors are one of the issues people have complained about, apparently, they do not always keep the drone steady, this is unfortunate especially if you are in an area with a weak GPS signal.

However, I must add that complaints about this issue have gone down since it was first released but it has not been fully resolved because there are still complaints about it but not as much as before.

There is a micro SD card slot on the left side of the drone, unfortunately, you do not get a memory card with the drone package, so if you get one, make sure its class 10 and it can take a maximum capacity of 32gb.

The drone is powered by a 7.6v 1400 mAh LiPo battery, this the battery is supposed to provide a flight time of around 10 minutes, which is decent for a drone that costs just under $160 (although I have seen better flight times on drones at a similar price point).

However, the battery is the main complaint about this drone, there are have been reports that the battery level lasts only a minute before it gets completely drained and automatically lands.

This is disappointing, especially since Wingsland developed this drone with a lot of advanced technology. Even the replacement batteries provide around 6-7 minutes of flight time, this would have been a decent flight time if the drone cost less than $100 and if it wasn’t so technically advanced.

Another issue is the Wingsland app, this is the app you will need to download to fly the drone, there is no remote controller for this drone so you will need to fly it using your smartphone.

This app gives you access to many of the advanced features of the drone, but it does not always work as it should and occasionally it will crash, and you may need to re-install the app. When it works, it’s a very good app that even comes with a flight simulator so that you can learn how to before actually flying the drone. There are clear instructions on how to fly the drone, safety measures you should adhere to and how to use the features the app comes with.

wingsland s6 review

You can also edit videos and images within the app and share them onto your social media accounts.

Another thing that compounds this issue with the app is that it hasn’t been updated since 2017, all apps should be updated regularly so that they are free of bugs and work properly. I understand that not all drone companies the budget to hire developers to do this on a regular basis but they not have updated this app for a few years, which is not acceptable.

Wingsland S6 4K Camera

wingsland s6 review

The best feature of this drone and of any drone for that matter is its camera.

Cameras allow you to see the world from above and with a 4k camera, the clarity is stunning and beautiful.

The camera is the main attraction of this drone, if it didn’t come with such a good camera, my rating would have been lower.

This is an actual 4k camera that is capable of recording at 30fps and 1089p at 60fps, these are good frame rates and the video footage is of very high quality. You can also take 13mp still images and with its electronic image stabilisation feature, the photos and videos will be free from any kind of jello effect or shakiness.

You can also stream live video feed to your smartphone in 720p resolution and as long as you stay within the transmission range (100 meters), the feed is usually very good unless the app is not working properly.

I am really impressed by this camera and it is the reason I gave it three stars, if the other issues with the drone were fully resolved, I would have recommended it.

If you want a cheap 4k drone that is more reliable and comes with similar features and with a better flight time, I highly recommend you check out the Hubsan Zino.

Wingsland S6 – Other Features

As I stated earlier in this review, this drone comes with a lot of cool features that will make it more fun to fly, these features include the following:

Follow me mode – This is one the smart flight modes the drone comes with, the drone will lock on to your smartphone and follow you around. It can follow you from behind or from the side, it’s a cool feature to use if you go for a walk in the park.

Flightpath – In this flight mode, you can draw a flight path on the app and the drone will fly along it automatically.

The drone also has a one-button take-off and return home feature and it will automatically land if the battery gets low on charge.

There are a couple of accessories you can purchase that will extend the functionality of this drone.

You can attach something called a boom gun on top of the drone and it will fire small rubber pellets. There is an emoji display attachment and a searchlight attachment, the last two are just gimmicks but the boom gun is fun to use.

Flight Performance

If you get a decent battery and the app is working as it should, the drone is easy to operate and fly’s very well. It can hover accurately (not if you fly inside though) and is fun to use, the problem is that the initial battery you get doesn’t last for more than a minute, I hope they do rectify this and update the app more regularly because the drone comes has some very good features and is fun to fly when it works.

Final Thoughts

I had high hopes for this drone, it actually is one of the best-looking drones I have come across and comes with some awesome features, the camera is one of the best for a drone that costs less than $200. However, because of the issue with its battery and app, I would caution anyone to research further before you decide to purchase this drone. Click on the button below to get more information and see if the situation has changed from current customer reviews.

If you want an alternative to this drone, I recommend you check out the Hubsan Zino, it’s more expensive but comes with a 4k camera, has an advanced 3-axis gimbal, 23 minutes of flight time, a superior app and many other features.