Hey there, drone enthusiasts! If you are a proud owner of a DJI Mini 2, you already know the fantastic features it brings to your fingertips. But did you know that you can enhance its capabilities with the best DJI Mini 2 accessories even further? Let’s delve into the world of accessories that can take your DJI Mini 2 experience to the next level.

Background on DJI Mini 2

Before we jump in, let’s take a moment to appreciate the DJI Mini 2. This compact yet powerful drone is one of the best cheap drones for aerial photography, offering 4K video resolution, impressive battery life, and easy-to-use controls. It’s a favourite among both beginners and seasoned drone pilots because of its price and ease of use.

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15 Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

Accessories are not just add-ons; they are essential tools that can enhance your drone’s functionality, protect it, and help you get more creative with your shots. So, without further ado, let’s explore the best DJI Mini 2 accessories available in the market.

1. DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Batteries

One of the first things you should consider is extra batteries. The DJI Mini 2 offers a substantial flight time, but having extra batteries on hand means you can fly longer and capture more breathtaking views.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

2. DJI Mini 2 Charging Hub

The charging hub allows you to charge up to three DJI Mini 2 batteries in sequence. This means that when one battery is fully charged, it will automatically start charging the next one, making it convenient for drone enthusiasts who want to keep multiple batteries ready for extended flight sessions.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories


3. DJI Mini 2 Propeller Holder

A propeller holder is a simple yet essential accessory that protects the drone’s propellers from damage during transportation. It keeps them secure and prevents them from moving around.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

4. ND Filters

ND filters for your drone’s camera function similarly to sunglasses.. They help reduce glare and manage light exposure, ensuring that your photos and videos have the perfect lighting. As the DJI Mini 2 is not classed as a drone for professional photography, there are no official ND filters from DJI; however, there are a few from third-party suppliers like Freewell, Sunnylife and Skyreat.Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

5. DJI Mini 2 Gimbal Protector

A gimbal protector is another great accessory, it protects the gimbal and camera during transport and helps prevent the build-up of dust.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

6. DJI Shoulder Bag

DJI offers a nice shoulder bag for the DJI Mini 2; it’s stylish and comes in all-black colour. The bag offers storage for the drone and its accessories like batteries, ND filters, propellers and charging hub.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

7. Lekufee Waterproof Carry Case

The Lekufee Waterproof Hard Case is a custom-designed protective case for the DJI Mini 2 SE, DJI Mini 2 drones, and their accessories. It features a hard outer shell made of durable polypropylene, and the interior is equipped with sponge foam for scratch and impact protection. The case is also waterproof and dust-proof, making it ideal for outdoor use. It has a user-friendly design with a handle and secure latch cover. The case is lightweight, compact, and can be padlocked for added security during travel.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

8. Micro SD Card

The DJI Mini 2 can record HD videos in 4K; however, you will need a microSD card to record in this resolution.

The recommended SD cards for the DJI Mini 2 are microSD cards with a UHS-I Speed Class 3 or above.

DJI recommend the following brands:

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • Samsung


9. STARTRC Waterproof Landing Pad

A landing pad provides a safe and clean surface for your drone to take off and land, protecting it from dirt and debris.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories


10. Propeller Guards

Propeller guards are essential for safe flying, especially in tight spaces. They protect the propellers and the drone from any potential damage.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

11. STARTRC Landing Legs

The STARTRC Mini 2 landing leg is a practical accessory designed to protect the camera and gimbal. It raises the drone by 1.5cm during takeoff and landing, preventing potential damage to the gimbal and camera and ensuring safe landing in areas with tall grass or uneven terrain. These foldable and lightweight landing gear legs are easy to attach and store, adding minimal weight to the drone while significantly enhancing its ground clearance and overall durability.

Best DJI Mini 2 Accessories

12. DJI Mini 2 Wetsuit From Phantom Rain

The DJI Mini 2 wetsuit is designed to provide protection for the drone when flying in wet weather conditions, particularly in the rain or near water. It is essentially a protective cover or suit for the drone that seals critical areas, including the battery compartment, power button, SD card ports, and propellers. If you live in areas where it rains, this is a necessary accessory for your DJI Mini 2.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, exploring a wide range of accessories that can enhance your DJI Mini 2 experience. From essential items to creative add-ons, there’s something for every drone enthusiast.

Investing in the right accessories can truly elevate your drone flying experience. Remember, you will not require all the DJI Mini 2 accessories on this list; just buy the ones that are necessary for you.