Eachine E511S Short Review

Eachine have released some really good beginner friendly drones and the E511S is one their most impressive. The drone looks good and comes with a lot of features that will provide you with a fun flying experience. It has an impressive flight time, especially for a drone at its price range and the camera is of exceptional quality. There are three autonomous flight modes and you can use it with a VR headset. It’s a really good drone and I highly recommend it, especially if you are a beginner

Key Features

  • 1080p HD Camera
  • FPV
  • VR Headset Compatible
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • GPS
  • 15 Minute Flight Time

Welcome to my review of the Eachine E511S, if you are in the market for a beginner-friendly drone that comes with an awesome camera and some advanced features, the Eachine E511S may be the drone you are looking for.

Eachine are a relatively new drone company based out of China, they have been making some huge strides in the toy drone market and their most popular drone is the Eachine E58 which is modelled after the DJI Mavic but without all the advanced features or the huge price tag.

Eachine drones are becoming very popular with beginner drone fliers, this is because their drones are of high-quality despite being relatively cheap, they all come with HD cameras and have good features and most of them are under $200, which is what you should be looking to pay if you are a beginner.

The Eachine E511S is one of their most impressive drones, its one the higher-end of their price range but as you shall see from this review, its most definitely worth it.

Eachine E511S Review

Before I review this drone, I just want to mention that there are actually three versions of this drone that come with different cameras.

It’s not a huge deal but the one I will be reviewing is the one that comes with 5G Wi-Fi 1080P camera, it’s a little more expensive than the other versions but the camera is of higher quality.

The main reason I love drones is because of their cameras, you get to experience the world in a way you could never before and see stuff that you may have never seen without a drone.

The Eachine E511S is a well-designed drone, it looks like very futuristic and has a similar design to the DJI Mavic Air.

It’s a foldable drone that is made out of high-quality plastic and has a black, grey and silver colour scheme which I think makes it look even better.

eachine e511s review

The plastic is very durable, so the drone should survive any small crashes plus it comes with a set of propeller guards which will provide extra protection.

There are a couple of LED lights on the front and one at the back, these not only make the drone look really cool but it also makes it suitable to fly during twilight hours.

The HD camera is situated at the front and the drone uses a modern high-capacity 1200 mAh lipo battery that will guv you extended flight time and keeps battery charge for longer.

It comes with GPS which will give you an accurate flight position, more stable hovering capability and allow you to take better quality images and videos. You can also fly this drone without GPS but this is only recommended if you are an experienced flier or if you want to fly indoors.

eachine e511s review

As you can see, this drone comes with some good features, especially for a drone that costs less than $200, however, if you would like more options at this price range, click on the button below.

Eachine 511S Camera

eachine e511s review

Without doubt one of the best features of this drone is its 1080p HD camera which will allow you to take good images and videos.

The camera has 120° FOV and can be adjusted 45° to get better viewing angles and with its FPV feature, you can stream live video footage straight to your mobile device.

Although it doesn’t come with any kind of advanced stabilisation system, it does have a 6 axis gyroscope and along with the GPS module, your pictures and images will be crisp and clear.

With its 5G technology, you can stream videos from a distance of around 100m, it’s not on par with the Mavic Air but you can still get some great aerial footage and you can also link the drone up with a virtual reality headset that will give you a more immersive flying experience.

The camera will not win you any aerial photography awards but for a drone that costs less than $200, the camera is of good quality and why I highly recommend this drone especially if you are a beginner.

Remote Controller

The Eachine E511S remote controller looks a lot similar to the Mavic Air controller, I am sure that is no coincidence. It looks modern, just like the drone, and it feels comfortable in your hands. All the controls are within easy reach and there is a smartphone attachment that pulls out from the bottom.

The controller takes 3 AAA batteries which are not included with the package and has a maximum control range of around 300 m depending upon the weather conditions.

You can also control the drone just with your smartphone, this will limit your range to only 100 m but you will still get access to most of the features.

Intelligent Flight Modes

You wouldn’t normally expect a drone that costs less than $200 to come with several intelligent flight modes but this s exactly what you get with the Eachine E511S.

There are three intelligent flight modes and with each mode, you still have control over the camera, this will allow you to concentrate taking awesome pictures and images without having to worry about controlling the drone.

These are the following intelligent flight modes;

Orbit Mode – The drone will orbit the person holding the controller, you can set the radius and height and the drone will orbit you from that position.

Follow Me Mode – This self-explanatory, in this mode, the drone will lock on to you and follow you wherever you go. This great for when you go for a walk or are riding a bike and you can use it to record yourself while doing these activities.

Waypoint – This is a cool flight mode that you can use to take some cool aerial images and videos with. You draw a flight path on your app and the drone will follow that route, this is a great flight mode especially if you want to take aerial photos of certain areas but don’t want the added distraction of controlling the drone.

Other Features

One key take-off and landing – You can launch the drone at the push of a button and land it the same way.

Automatic Return Home – When the battery starts to drain and reaches a certain point you can press the automatic return home button on the controller and it the drone will automatically come back to you. An Amazing feature that lessens the chances of you losing your drone.

The drone also comes with a headless mode which is great for beginners and there are three-speed modes that you can use to test your flying skills.

Flight Performance

The overall flight performance of this drone is good, the FPV feature works well as do the intelligent flight modes. I wouldn’t advise beginners to fly this drone in windy conditions as it will be difficult to maintain steady altitude and flight, other than that, it’s an easy drone to fly. 

Final Thoughts

The overall flight performance of this drone is impressive, with its GPS module it will you give good flight stability and you will be able to track it on your app. Its maximum range is 300 m in good weather conditions but if you want to use the FPV feature, which you will, the range is reduced to around 100 m. You can manage around 15 minutes of flight time from one battery charge, which is very good for this type of drone but still not long enough to fully enjoy it. This is why I always advise people to purchase extra batteries, luckily, there is an option to buy the drone with three extra batteries which I highly recommend.

The Eachine E511S is an impressive drone, it comes with some fantastic features and I really like the overall quality of the HD camera. It will allow you to take some high-quality videos and photos, along with the GPS and intelligent flight modes, this drone is great for everyone, even beginners.

However, if you would like a better alternative around the same price range, I recommend you check out the DJI Tello, which I believe is the best drone for beginners. It comes with some very good features, especially it’s 720p camera that has electronic stabilisation and so the images and videos are superior to that of the Eachine E511S, click here to get more details on the DJI Tello drone.

Otherwise, click on the button below for more information on the Eachine E511S and see what its current price is.