Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review Summary

Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review


The Exo X7 Ranger PLUS is a compact drone with high-quality camera capabilities and has some advanced features. It comes with an HD camera with a 9MP sensor, capable of capturing 4K images and 2K video footage. Its three-axis gimbal ensures stable footage. The drone has a good flight time of 25 minutes, can reach speeds up to 27MPH, and is resistant to wind speeds of approximately 25MPH. Its live feed range is 800 meters, and a control range of 5 miles. The drone has an obstacle avoidance system which provides 150-degree front and back coverage to prevent accidental collisions.

Key Features

  • 1/3-inch sensor 
  • 9MP images
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilisation with EIS
  • Records videos in 2k at 25fps
  • Intelligent flight modes include follow me and orbit mode
  • GPS-assisted Automatic return to home
  • 24 minutes of flight time
  • 800m image transmission range

  • A high-quality camera that can record HD videos in 2.7K
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilisation
  • Good flight time of 24 minutes
  • Obstacle avoidance module
  • Good wind-resistance
  • Limited Obstacle Avoidance System
  • Limited range

In the fast-paced world of drones, finding the right drone that satisfies all your needs is becoming increasingly challenging. The Exo Drone X7 Ranger Plus is one contender seeking to carve out a niche in this competitive landscape. While not groundbreaking, this drone offers a well-rounded feature set designed to deliver a satisfactory flying experience for both novices and seasoned drone pilots. In this Exo X7 Range Plus review, we aim to provide an in-depth look at the drone, assessing its capabilities, performance, and suitability for your needs.

Who Are Exo Drones?

EXO Drones, a US-based company, was founded with the mission of shaking up the drone market, which DJI had long dominated. They’ve grown rapidly, serving nearly 50,000 customers in less than two years, and currently operate exclusively in North America.

Their goal is to provide innovative drones that offer value for money, with prices starting from $99, and they’ve launched 10 different models within two years. The company strongly emphasises customer support, offering a range of services from tutorial videos to a free Part 107 course with every drone order.

OpenStore acquired EXO Drones in August 2022 with the shared goal of providing affordable, professional-grade drones.

Exo Drones does not manufacture these drones themselves. Instead, they have established partnerships with several drone companies in China, one of which is Hubsan. These strategic alliances allow Exo Drones to sell these drones exclusively under the Exo Drones brand in North America.

Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review – Inside The Box

You get the following in the box:

  • X7 Ranger Plus Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Shoulder Bag
  • Spare props
  • Battery
  • Charging cables
  • Obstacle avoidance module

Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review – Drone Design

The Exo X7 Ranger Plus comes in a stylish grey shoulder bag that has a premium feel. The bag features slots for all the accessories and is not too big. I wish DJI would include their drone bags in all the standard versions instead of the more expensive fly more combo kit.

The Exo X7 Ranger Plus is a nice looking drone; it comes in two colours, Jet black or red, I personally prefer the black, but apparently, the red is the more popular version.

Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review

It’s a foldable drone, which makes it portable and easy to travel with; the drone is not heavy. However, it does weigh over 250 grams which means you will be required to register it with the FAA.

The propeller arms of the drone are equipped with LED lights, which not only add a cool aesthetic but also assist users in identifying any drone-related issues. However, these lights are not sufficiently bright for night-time flying. To fly the drone at night, you would need to purchase a strobe light or a similar device and mount it on top of the drone.

The drone features an optical flow sensor at the bottom, which aids in stabilising the drone in areas where the GPS signal is insufficient. This feature is particularly beneficial for indoor flying.

The drone is equipped with a memory card slot, which can accommodate a maximum capacity of 32GB. While a memory card is not included, it is recommended to purchase one, particularly if you plan to record a substantial amount of HD videos.

The remote controller for the X7 Ranger Plus looks similar to many other controllers; it’s small and has handles on the bottom that folds in and out. There is a smartphone holder on top and also a pair of antennas.

An internal battery powers it, so you don’t have to purchase any, which is always a bonus, and it has an LCD screen that displays the drone’s flight data.

Exo X7 Ranger Plus – Camera

Exo X7 Ranger Plus Review

The X7 Ranger Plus comes with a good camera, especially for its price; it’s an HD camera that is stabilised by a 3-axis gimbal.

The camera has a 1/3.2-inch CMOS image sensor that can capture 9MP images (only in JPEG format) and 2K videos at 25fps.

The camera has an 80° FOV, a fixed f/2.8 aperture and a 50x digital zoom; the zoom feature is kind of a gimmick because the more you zoom, the grainer the image becomes.

Something that kind of gets off my nerves is the advertising for many of these low-cost entry-level drones. When you take a glance at the description of this drone on the website, it gives the impression that the camera can record videos in 4K; however, it’s a little misleading; it records videos in 2K.

Although, to be fair to them, as you scroll through, they do mention that the camera can only capture images in 4K. So, how is the video footage? It’s surprisingly good, especially when capturing in its highest resolution, which is 2K. The camera is one of the main features people look at, and for its price, the camera on the X7 Range Plus is worth it.

Flight Features

The X7 Ranger Plus offers a solid array of flight features contributing to an enjoyable flying experience. With a maximum video transmission range of around 800 meters and a top speed of 27MPH, it provides a decent range for exploration and fast-paced flying.

His drone has a level-6 wind resistance; this is pretty good and better than most drones in its price range which usually have a wind resistance of level-5. This makes it a robust drone for outdoor use, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

I never fly in windy conditions, and if you are an inexperienced drone pilot, I would suggest you do the same. Even though they are cheap drones for what they offer, this drone costs just under $300, which is still relatively expensive.

Obstacle Avoidance System

A surprising feature of the X7 Range Plus drone is its obstacle avoidance module. This isn’t like the obstacle avoidance systems that are found on DJI and Autel drones, where the sensors are integrated with a drone.

The obstacle avoidance module sits on the top and can be removed; it has a detection range of around 20 meters and has a 150° FOV. It swivels backwards when the drone reverses, providing obstacle detection when the drone moves forwards and backwards.

However, it is not a smart obstacle avoidance system, and what I mean by this is when it detects an obstacle, it will stop moving; it cannot navigate around.

However, it’s still a good feature to have and will help novice drone pilots reduce the chance of crashing into something. It’s also one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, drones with an obstacle avoidance system.


When it comes to battery life, the X7 Ranger Plus offers a respectable 25 minutes of flight time per battery. While not industry-leading, it’s relatively good for drones in this price range. The battery has LED lights on the back to indicate its power level and takes around 4 hours to fully charge.

This is quite a long time, so it’s worth purchasing additional batteries to extend your flight time without having to wait for one battery to recharge.

Intelligent Features

Like many drones in its price range, the X7 Ranger Plus has some cool, intelligent features that will make flying this drone fun and safe.

We have mentioned its obstacle avoidance system, which is one of the safety features; the drone also comes with a GPS-assisted automatic return-to-home function.

This feature is automatically activated whenever the drone loses signal connection with the controller for more than a few seconds or when the battery on the drone is low on charge. This will minimise the risk of the drone getting lost in mid-flight.

The feature can also be activated by the remote or app.

The Exo X7 Ranger Plus offers several intelligent flight modes. These include a waypoint mode, which allows users to plan a flight path on the app, after which the drone autonomously follows that route. It also includes a “follow me” feature, which enables the drone to lock onto your smartphone and follow you. Lastly, there is an orbit mode where users can select a point of interest, and the drone will continuously orbit around that position.

Flight Performance

Regarding flight performance, the X7 Ranger Plus is a good flyer. It provides stable flight, largely owing to its 3-axis gimbal that helps maintain the balance and stability of the drone. Its impressive hover accuracy maintains its position within 1ft variance, which is a testament to its reliable flight control systems.

Who is this drone for?

The X7 Ranger Plus is a good fit for beginners and intermediate users who value ease of use and good safety features. Its obstacle avoidance technology and robust flight features make it a safe and reliable choice for those new to drone flying. The drone also provides enough room for users to grow their skills and experiment with different flight modes and features.

Having said that, it is still a relatively expensive drone, and so if you are an absolute beginner, I would recommend getting a cheap drone like the Ryze Tech Tello.

Exo X7 Ranger Plus vs DJI Mini 2

If you are thinking of purchasing either one of these drones, I would advise you to choose the DJI Mini 2, the Exo X7 Ranger Plus is inferior to the DJI Mini 2 in all aspects.

The DJI Mini 2 boasts a superior camera system, capable of recording high-quality 4K videos at 30 frames per second with a bitrate of 100Mbps. The DJI Mini 2’s camera also captures stunning 12MP images in both RAW and JPEG formats, providing greater flexibility for post-processing.

In terms of flight time, the DJI Mini 2 again surpasses the EXO X7 Ranger Plus, offering up to 30 minutes of flight time compared to the 24 minutes offered by the EXO X7 Ranger Plus. The DJI Mini 2 also has a significantly longer video transmission range of 10km, providing a broader scope for aerial exploration.

One of the standout features of the DJI Mini 2 is its weight. At less than 250 grams, it falls below the threshold for FAA registration, providing an added convenience for users.

Moreover, the DJI Mini 2 comes equipped with intelligent video recording modes, such as Quickshots, which enable users to create short, cinematic videos with a single button press. This feature enhances the user experience by simplifying the process of capturing professional-grade footage.

While the DJI Mini 2 does come with a higher price tag, the superior features and capabilities it offers justify the additional investment.


For those residing outside the USA or considering alternatives, the ZZL SG906 Pro 2 is essentially the same drone under a different brand. It’s worth considering if the X7 Ranger Plus piques your interest but isn’t readily available in your region.

There are other options in the market that may offer better camera quality, faster speeds, or more advanced features. For instance, some models from the DJI Mini-series will offer a significant step up in certain aspects.

For example, the DJI Mini SE is one of the most popular entry-level drones from DJI, it offers a longer flight time and longer transmission range, and as it weighs less than 250 grams, you don’t have to register it with the FAA.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Exo Drone X7 Ranger Plus is a good drone that offers a balanced set of features for its price point. It doesn’t excel in any particular aspect, but it doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, either. It’s a well-rounded drone that offers good value for money.

The X7 Ranger Plus is a reliable choice for those wanting to venture into the world of drones without wanting to break the bank. It offers a decent flying experience, good camera performance, and some useful safety features. It might not be the best in its class, but it provides a solid, user-friendly experience that’s hard to overlook.