ZLL SG906 Max 2 Review Summary

sg906 max 2 reviewThe ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast drone with its blend of high-end features and affordability. Its portable design, robust brushless motors, and substantial wind resistance make it a good choice for beginners and seasoned pilots. It comes with an HD camera that is stabilised by a 3-axis gimbal and captures 4K images and 2K videos.

A distinguishing feature of this drone is its obstacle avoidance system, a rarity in this price range, providing an extra layer of safety during flights.

Its suite of intelligent flight features, including “follow-me” mode, waypoint flight, and gesture control, add to its user-friendly experience, making it suitable for pilots of varying skill levels.

In summary, the ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast offers good value for its price point, proving that advanced drone technology can indeed be accessible without breaking the bank. Its performance, advanced features, and budget-friendly price makes it a worthy contender in the affordable drone market.


Key Features

  • HD camera with 1/3.2-inch sensor with 110° FOV
  • Captures 4K images and 2K videos
  • 3-axis gimbal stabilisation with EIS
  • Maximum speed of 28mph in sports mode
  • Level 6 wind resistance
  • Powered by robust brushless motors for efficient and powerful performance
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance system, offering increased safety during flights
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • 30 minutes of flight time
  • 4km video transmission range

  • HD camera with gimbal and EIS stabilisation
  • Good video and image quality
  • Good flight time for a budget-friendly drone
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Obstacle avoidance technology
  • Compact and portable design
  • Obstacle avoidance system can be improved
  • Live video streams can be choppy

Hello to all drone enthusiasts and curious readers out there. In this article, I will review the ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast drone. It’s a drone that markets itself as a budget-friendly option while promising some high-end features, including an obstacle avoidance system. This detailed ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast review will delve into every facet of this cheap but feature-rich drone – from its design and camera specifications to its flight performance and intelligent features. So, if you’re considering buying a new drone or simply interested in learning about what’s new in the drone market, I hope you’ll find this review helpful. Let’s delve into the details of the ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast.

ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast – Box Contents

You are provided with the usual standard accessories, this includes the following:

The SG906 Max 2 droneRemote controller

1 battery

4 spare propellers

Small screwdriver

Charging cable

Shoulder bag Manual

Spare screws

Obstacle avoidance module

The shoulder bag is a nice touch, as you would usually have to purchase one separately or pay a little extra for a DJI drone.

ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast Review – Design

First impressions? Sleek, sturdy, and substantial. The ZLL SG906 Max 2 drone has a streamlined and modern design that’s instantly appealing. It’s predominantly made of durable ABS plastic, adding a certain level of resilience against minor crashes or hard landings. Weighing around 650 grams, it sits comfortably in the mid-range drone category, ensuring it can withstand moderate winds without being too heavy for beginner pilots.

The drone features foldable arms, a design aspect that greatly increases its portability. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a backpacking adventure, this drone can easily tag along without taking up much space.

The drone has an optical flow sensor on the bottom that will help stabilise the drone in areas with a weak GPS signal., which makes it suitable to fly indoors.

The ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast drone comes equipped with powerful brushless motors. Brushless motors reduce the friction generated during flight due to the absence of brushes, which means less wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan.

These powerful motors contribute significantly to the drone’s overall flight performance. They ensure a robust and steady flight, even in the face of moderate winds.

The SG906 Max 2’s remote controller retains the compactness and efficiency of its predecessors, with a helpful addition – a large LCD screen that displays vital flight data in real time. Attached to the rear of the controller is a smartphone mount, which can comfortably accommodate a large smartphone, although tablet users may find it lacking.

Despite the compact form factor of the controller, some users might find larger controllers like the DJI RC-N1 are more comfortable. However, the SG906 Max 2’s controller, with its decent transmission range, ensures a smooth and responsive flight experience, it has buttons for take-off, landing, automatic return to home, gimbal dial and buttons for taking videos and images.

ZLL SG906 Max 2 Camera Specs

sg906 max 2 reviewThe camera quality can often gauge a drone’s worth, and the ZLL SG906 Max 2 does not disappoint, especially for its price.

It’s equipped with an HD camera which comes with a 1/3.2-inch image sensor that provides high-quality images and smooth video footage.

The camera’s 110° field of view (FOV) ensures wide-angle shots that can cover vast landscapes or large groups of people. The drone also supports 5G wifi FPV image transmission, providing real-time imaging with little delay.

The 3-axis gimbal stabilisation significantly minimises blurriness and provides a steady shot, even when the drone is in motion. The drone also comes with electronic image stabilisation, which will further enhance its image stabilisation.

It has the ability to capture clear 4K images and record 2K video footage smoothly at 30 frames per second. However, a micro SD card is essential to record videos at the highest resolution.

The drone comes equipped with a micro SD card slot, making it easy to store your videos and images on the device. The drone support cards with a capacity of up to 256GB.

It’s worth noting that for optimal performance, a micro SD card of UHS-1 Speed Grade 3 is recommended.

The camera on the ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast drone includes a 50x zoom function. While this may seem like an exciting feature, it’s essential to note that this will not translate into the highest-quality images. The image quality will become increasingly grainy as you utilise more of the zoom function. This effect means that while the zoom feature might sound impressive, it’s best used sparingly to maintain the sharpest image clarity.

Overall, considering its price, the camera on the ZLL SG906 Max 2 is pretty good; however, it’s not the best, and there are better alternatives at a similar price point; one of my personal favourites is the Potensic Atom SE, which comes with a high-quality camera that records videos in actual 4K and captures 13MP images in RAW and JPEG formats.

Flight Features and Battery Life

The ZLL SG906 Max 2 comes with some exceptional flight features that will enhance its overall performance and make it easier to fly. It boasts an impressive image transmission range of up to 4km, making it one of the cheapest drones with this kind of range.

However, it’s important to note this range cannot be tested because the law in the USA and the UK states you have to keep a drone in your line of sight.

It has a dual GNSS module, enhancing the accuracy of positioning and adding to the overall stability of the drone. For beginners, there’s a built-in return home function, which ensures the drone returns to its take-off point with just a single tap on the controller or the app, eliminating the fear of losing the drone.

In terms of battery life, the SG906 Pro uses a 7.6V 5000mAh battery, providing around 30 minutes of flight time on a full charge. Although this is the official time, most users will most likely get around 26 minutes, which is still very good.

Smart Flight Features

The ZLL SG906 Pro drone comes with a host of smart flight features that will take your drone piloting experience to new heights:

Intelligent Follow: This feature allows the drone to lock on to the remote controller and autonomously follow you.

Surround Flight: This mode allows the drone to fly in a circular path around a specific point of interest, providing unique perspectives and panoramic views that are perfect for capturing captivating aerial footage.

Waypoint Flight: By leveraging this feature, you can draw a route on your smartphone screen, and the drone will autonomously follow the outlined path. This is ideal for planning specific flight paths or capturing a sequence of shots.

Trajectory Pointing Flight: With this feature, draw a flight path on your device, and the drone will automatically fly along that path.

The drone is equipped with an automatic “Return to Home” function. This safety feature ensures that the drone will return to its starting point either when the connection with the controller is lost or when the battery level becomes critically low. This offers peace of mind, as it reduces the risk of losing the drone due to unexpected disconnections or depleted battery power.

Obstacle Avoidance System

A standout feature of the ZLL SG906 Max 2 drone is its inclusion of an obstacle avoidance system, a noteworthy addition considering its budget-friendly price point. This type of technology, typically reserved for high-end drones, significantly enhances flight safety and opens the door to more worry-free flight experiences.

The SG906 Max 2’s obstacle avoidance system is distinct from those found on industry leaders like DJI. It comprises a separate device that sits atop the drone, providing obstacle detection and avoidance functionality in the direction the drone moves. The modular design means this component can be detached if desired, offering pilots flexibility in their flight setup. While it may not possess the advanced manoeuvrability around obstacles that premium systems offer, the SG906 Pro’s obstacle avoidance system serves its purpose. It provides a level of protection against accidental collisions, effectively putting the brakes on before crashing into an obstacle.

It’s important to keep in mind that while this system isn’t as sophisticated as those on premium drones, its presence on a drone in the sub-$300 category is a significant advantage.

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There are several alternatives in a similar price range that you may want to consider, offering superior features to the ZLL SG906 Max 2.

Firstly, the DJI Mini SE is a standout option for under $300. This drone showcases a significant improvement in image and video quality and overall flight performance. Its features include a flight time of up to 30 minutes, a remarkable 4km video transmission range, and Quickshots, an intuitive feature that enables one-touch video creation.

Next, you might want to look at the Potensic Atom SE, which is among the top-tier drones weighing under 250g. It boasts a robust HD camera capable of capturing 4K videos at 30fps and 12MP images in both RAW and JPEG formats.

Additionally, the camera comes equipped with electronic image stabilisation for smooth footage, various intelligent flight modes, Quickshots and an impressive flight time of 32 minutes.

Considering their advanced features, both the DJI Mini SE and Potensic Atom SE stand as compelling options, potentially offering better value than the ZLL SG906 Max 2 at a similar price point.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the ZLL SG906 Max 2 Beast drone combines high-end features and affordability. From its potent brushless motors to the obstacle avoidance system, this drone offers a suite of capabilities that enhance both the user experience and flight safety.

Notable features such as 4K imaging, intelligent flight modes, and a robust design makes it a compelling choice for those looking for a cheap drone with advanced features. The SG906 Max 2 Beast strikes a good balance between cost and quality, making it a decent contender in the budget-friendly drone market.