Drones seem to be everywhere, they are being used for a variety of reasons, from flying for fun to using them for commercial reasons, drones are here to stay. Many people are not very fond of drones, probably because of its association with military use. Many of you may ask ‘should I buy a drone’? my answer is a resounding yes and in this article, I will give you 9 reasons why you should buy a drone.

Drones have been around for a long time, the first commercial UAV flight was in the ’80s and back then they were big ugly things that were used only for industrial and military purposes.

However, with advances in technology, drones have made their way into the consumer market in a big way.

Geofencing and obstacle avoidance technology have made drones safer and easier to fly for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. 

Add to the fact that they many drones are now compatible with many types of different cameras from you 4k to hyperspectral cameras, drones are being utilised in many commercial applications.

The consumer drone market is worth a reported $1bn and set rise to over $4bn by 2024. With drones fitted with cameras being hugely popular, aerial photography as a hobby and for commercial reasons is a huge driving factor behind this growth.

The drone industry in the commercial sector is worth around $2bn but according to PWC, it is set to grow to an astonishing $127bn by 2020.

From aerial photography to analysing crop data, the list of things a drone can do is very impressive and it keeps growing.

So why should you invest in a drone? I’ll give you my reason whys.

1.)    Drones Are Fun

Yes, who didn’t wish for a flying vehicle of some sort as a kid? Back then RC planes and helicopters were expensive. So not everyone could purchase one, however, with the explosion of consumer drones it is a different story as you can purchase a camera drone for under $50. Some are built to be flown both indoors and outdoors and can do fancy manoeuvres at the push of a button. For those who are adventurous, there are drones that can reach speeds of up to 40kmh and follow you around automatically. One of my personal favourite drones for beginners and one that is a lot of fun is the DJI Tello, check out the video below and see why it’s such a popular drone.

2.)    Immersive Flying Experience 

Many of the high-end drones are compatible with VR headsets. This will give you a more immersive flying experience, letting you see the world from new angles and heights. All VR headsets have two HD screens so picture quality is of the highest standard and they offer wide angle field of view so nothing is missed. Some drones allow for two headsets to be connected so you can enjoy the experience with friends and family.

3.)    Drone Business

With many high-end drones coming with a 4K camera stabilised by 3 axis-gimbal, shooting amazing aerial photography has become much easier. Starting an aerial photography business will become even more lucrative and competitive as the drones become even more popular. There are so many opportunities within this sector, from wedding photography to real estate, from taking aerial videography of nature to filming large events. If you have a photography business, then adding aerial photography to your service list will expand your client base. The good thing is because drone photography is still in its infancy, the market is not very competitive so it’s easier to get started.

4.)  Drones For Everyone

With their growing popularity, drone manufacturers will be looking to reach a wider audience with drones for different needs.From the Blade Nano QX to DJI’s Inspire 2, there is a drone for anyone who wants to pilot one. And because they are getting more technologically advanced the learning curve will get smaller and smaller. Also, as competition between manufacturers increases, prices for all types of drones will start to decrease.

5.)    Drone racing.

Yes, you can race for fun with friends and family or you can now race in professional leagues that reward you handsomely should you win. Drone racing requires a bit more skill than your average drone operators, as you will be moving at speeds of over 50kmh without the aid of obstacle avoidance technology that comes with most high-end drones. Drone racing is done via your controller if it has FPV capability, smartphone/tablet or a VR headset. VR headsets are usually used by those racing in professional leagues and they are quite expensive to purchase. Drones for racing are usually modified by their users for extra speed and stability and many times pro races will build one themselves.

6.)    Security purposes.

Drones can be used for surveillance of large areas of land, the advantage drones have is that they now come with UHD cameras and sensors which can detect movement and record high-quality footage. The problem is that consumer drones are not equipped with long-lasting batteries, you will only be able to survey your area for around 30 minutes. With technology advancing extremely quickly, I expect this to change and there will be drones made specifically for security purposes.

7.)    Aerial Photography

No need to look for clients, you can contribute your aerial photography and video footage on many of the stock photography/video footage sites that are flourishing online. Many of these stock sites pay on a tiered system, easier and you get a percentage from a download and it rises once you pass a certain threshold. There are sites specifically for aerial images and video footage like Hoshiho, they cater to clients that look for quality aerial images and video footage.Or you can build your own stock footage site and sell your images and footage at your own price.

8.)    Easy To Fly

Even the cheap drones that have little stabilising technology are getting easier to fly. With most drones now come with advanced 6 axis gyroscopes, even a beginner would have little trouble flying these robots. The more expensive drones now come with GPS, obstacle avoidance systems and intelligent modes, all these features make drones easier and more fun to pilot. Many drones like the Phantom 4 Pro can even be controlled through hand gestures. As technology advances, drones will only get easier and more fun to fly. Even if you a complete newbie, there are tons of resources on the web that provide guidance to safe flying Here is my article on a beginner guide to flying a drone.

9.)   Its The Future

Who does not want to be in the popular group? Just like when the mobile phone revolution took off everyone wanted the latest mobile phone with the most advanced technology. Drones are gaining popularity because they are becoming more accessible and technology is always evolving. I have always been fascinated with technological advancements and the amazing stuff we can do, drone technology will be no different.

So, what kind of drone will you get? are you a DJI fan like me or do you prefer the ones getting drowned out by DJI’s runaway success? or if you despise drones (and many do) let me know why.