Eachine EG16 Short Review

The Eachine EG16 is a 4K camera drone that can record images in 2K and take FHD images in 4K. It comes with GPS for superior flight stability and there are several intelligent flight modes that will allow you to fly the drone hands free. There is also a camera on its underside that will give you an extra aerial view and drone comes with 5G WiFi that will allow you to stream high-quality video footage from 200m. If you are looking for a cheap 4K camera drone, the Eachine EG16 is a great choice.

Key Features

  • 4K Camera
  • Optical Flow Sensor
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • GPS
  • Foldable Design
  • 14 Minute Flight Time

Welcome to my review of the Eachine EG16 drone also known as the WingGod drone, with a name like that, they are really raising the expectation on how good this drone is.

Eachine are a relatively new drone company, they mainly focus on manufacturing budget-friendly drones that come with some advanced features and are suitable for everyone, especially beginners.

I have already reviewed some of their most popular drones like the Eachine E58 and E511S, which are very good drones at affordable prices.

They have also released what I believe to be the cheapest 4K camera drone on the market which is the Eachine E520S. 4K camera drones are expensive and so they are out of most people’s budget, however, Eachine are trying to change that by developing cheap 4K camera drones that will be accessible to a lot more people.

Drones with cameras are one of my favourite features, they let you witness the world from above and experience places you may not have otherwise seen. This is why I think everyone should get a drone, not only are they fun to fly but viewing the world from above is such an exhilarating experience.

The Eachine EG16 is a 4K camera drone that costs less than $200 and comes with many advanced features that will provide you with an enhanced flying experience.

Eachine EG16 Review

The first thing you will notice about the Eachine EG16 is that it is a foldable drone, these types of drones have become very popular in recent years, thanks largely to the huge success of the DJI Mavic. 

Eachine EG16 Review

With its arms expanded, the Eachine EG16 measures 30*26*6 and weighs around 300g with the battery. Its foldable design makes it a compact drone that is easy to carry around and this makes it a great choice to travel around with.

If you travel a lot and looking for a suitable drone to take along with on your adventures, the Eachine EG16 is a good choice.

I like the overall design of this drone, it has an all-black colour scheme and a flat body which gives good aerodynamic efficiency. It also comes with advanced coreless motors which gives it better propulsion and more speed.

It takes one 1800 mAh lipo battery which gives it a flight time of around 14 minutes, and these are the new modular batteries which keeps the charge for longer.

Having said that, 14 minutes flight time, whilst longer than most drones in this price range, is still not enough time to fully enjoy the drone. This is why I always suggest that you purchase extra batteries, fortunately, the Eachine EG16 comes with two extra batteries, so in total, you get three batteries, which is more than enough.

There are also propeller guards that you can install, this is highly advised especially if you are new to drone flying as you will inevitably crash your drone.

The remote controller is probably the least impressive aspect of this drone, it has a very minimalistic design, which some people may like and it takes 4 triple A batteries (not included ).

Eachine EG16 Review

There is a smartphone attachment the springs from the middle and it has a small LCD screen for telemetry readings. It’s lightweight and feels comfortable in your hands all the controls are within easy reach, the transmission range is around 200m if you will be utilising the FPV features and 300m without FPV.

Eachine EG16 Camera

Now, the most impressive feature of this drone is the FHD camera that can take stunning 4K images and 2K video footage.

This camera has a 120° field of view that can be adjusted 90° up or down, this gives you a wide-angle to capture more of your aerial view.

Eachine EG16 Review

With the drones 5G WiFi feature you will be able to stream live video footage from around 200m and in optimal weather conditions the video quality is pretty amazing, especially for a drone that costs less than $200.

The drone doesn’t come with any kind of advanced 3-axis gimbal, but it does have electronic image stabilisation software and along with its advanced 6-axis gyroscope, you will get superior quality images and videos.

The camera is one of the main reasons I really like this drone and why I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap drone with a high-quality camera.

It’s not going to win you any aerial photography awards, but it will give you a way to take high-quality images and videos that will impress family and friends.

I should also mention the Eachine EG16 has a secondary camera situated on its belly, this is a standard 480p camera with which you can take some decent pictures and it also acts as an optical flow sensor providing better flight stability.

Intelligent Flight Modes

It was only a couple of years ago that autonomous flights modes ( just like FHD cameras) could only be found on expensive drones like the DJI Phantom range. However, technology moves fast and now even budget friendly drones like the Eachine EG16 have a few intelligent flight modes that will allow anyone to enjoy flying this drone.

The Eachine EG16 has three intelligent flight modes, they are;

Point of interest – You can lock the drone on a point of interest, and it will orbit that position from a set height and distance.

Waypoint – This mode allows you to draw a path on the app and the drone will follow the route automatically.

Smart Track – Set the drone to track your movements.

With all these modes, you will still have control over the camera, and this will allow you to take better images and videos without having to worry about controlling the drone.

The drone also comes with automatic return home feature, if you lose sight of the drone or notice your battery is starting to drain, just simply press the return home button on the controller and it will come back to you.

Other Features And Flight Performance

The drone comes with several other cool features like a gesture control mode that will allow you to take videos and selfies through mere hand gesture. It also has colourful LED lights on its rotors that makes it suitable to fly it during the night and it has headless mode that makes it easier to control the drone.

The drone fly’s well and with its GPS and 6 axis gyroscope, its very stable and hovering is also made easy with these features. It also fly’s surprisingly well in mildly windy conditions, although I would highly advise you not to fly in any kind of windy conditions if you are a complete beginner.

Final Thoughts

A few years back if you wanted to purchase a drone with a 4K camera and intelligent flight modes, it would have cost you at least $1000, now you can buy one for less than $200. If you are looking for a cheap 4K drone, the Eachine EG16 is one you should consider, it comes with a high-quality camera, some advanced features like GPS and intelligent flight modes plus its suitable for everyone.