Potensic D60 Short Review

The Potensic D60 is a medium-sized HD camera drone that comes with GPS, smart flight modes and has a flight time of around 15 minutes. It’s a nice-looking drone with which you can shoot some decent videos and images with its 1080p camera and experience live video footage with its FPV feature. Overall it’s a decent drone that is fun to fly and costs a little less than $200.

Key Features

  • 1080p Camera
  • 2MP 
  • 1 Axis Gimbal
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • GPS
  • One Button Return Home
  • 15 Minute Flight Time

I have been reviewing a lot of Potensic drones recently, mainly because they are decent drones that are well designed and come at an affordable price. In this article, I will review the Potensic D60, a drone that comes with some advanced features and costs less than $200.

Drones are hugely popular, they are fun to fly and many of them come with some awesome features that make them even more enjoyable. This is the case with the Potensic D60 which is a hugely popular drone on Amazon with lots of reviews and a 4+ star rating.

If you are in the market for a quality affordable drone with a decent camera, keep reading this review of the Potensic D60 as it may be what you are looking for.

Potensic D60 Review

This is a nice looking well-built drone, it has a black and white colour scheme and a flat body with a camera fixed on the front.

Potensic D60 Review

I wish it were a foldable drone, it actually looks like it could have been, but unfortunately, it is not, which is a shame because it would have made a great drone to travel with if it had a foldable design.

Of course, you can still travel around with this drone if you want but you will need a drone carry case which you will need to purchase separately.

Something else you need to be aware of is its weight, especially if you live in the UK, Canada or the USA. The drone weighs around 490g which means you will need to register the drone if you live the countries I just mentioned. Most other countries do not require you to register a drone if you are just going to be flying for recreational purposes, however, please still check that the rules and regulations are where you love just to be safe and comply with the law.

One feature that separates this drone from most other Potensic drones I have reviewed is that it comes with brushless motors. Brushless motors are a tad more expensive than their brushed counterparts this because they are more powerful and efficient and little quieter.

Potensic D60 Review

Brushless motors also last longer, and they require less maintenance and for that reason, drones with brushless motors are a little more expensive.

The drone has an optical flow sensor on the bottom this will help you fly the drone in areas with low GPS signal and also allow you to fly indoors.

The drone is powered by a 7.4v 1800 mAh lipo battery that gives it a flight time of around 15 minutes. This is a decent flight time but still not enough to fully enjoy flying a drone, so if you want to extend the flight time and not have to wait the few hours it takes for the battery to fully recharge, I highly recommend purchasing a couple of extra batteries for this purpose.

There is a micro SD card slot on the drone that will allow you to record your video and image files on. It is via the memory card that you will also be able to record the full 1080p video resolution. The live streaming resolution is only in 720p and sometimes there is serious lag if the WiFi connection is not great between the remote controller and drone. This is why if you want the best quality videos an image you will need to purchase a compatible memory card for this purpose.

The final feature I want to mention before I get to the camera is the drones remote controller which is a very nice and modern looking controller. It has a curved design, isn’t too big and is comfortable to hold. All the buttons are clearly identified so you know exactly what they do, there are a pair of fake antennas which is there just for show and it has a smartphone holder on the top.

Potensic D60 Review

The controller has a maximum transmission range of around 300 meters, but this is only if you fly in very good conditions, it’s usually a little bit less. For live streaming video footage, the transmission range is around 150 meters, the quality will depend upon how good the flying conditions are. Sometimes there is interference and lag, this why you should record the footage on your memory card.

Something else to remember is that the controller is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included with the package, so if you do decide to purchase this drone, please remember to purchase some batteries for the controller.

One final thing to note is that to use the drones FPV and smart flight features, you will need to download the official app which is called the Potensic GPS and is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Unlike a lot of drone apps that have not been developed by the likes of DJI, Yuneec and Parrot, this drone app has a decent rating and does not have any issues. It’s a decent app and is very easy to navigate and use, there even some helpful tutorials on how to fly the drone and use the app.

Potensic D60 Camera

Potensic D60 Review

The main feature of this drone (or any drone for that matter) is its HD camera. Cameras are why I love drones, they let you view the world from a different perspective and allow you to record some cool videos.

The camera has a 1080p resolution, it has a 110° wide-angle lens and can be remotely adjusted 45° for better viewing angles. It is stabilised by a 1-axis gimbal, which will give you give you better quality images and videos, but there will still be some noticeable distortion, especially if you fly in windy conditions

The video and image quality is decent, considering how much the drone costs and the fact that you will not be using it for professional reasons. There is a bit of lag when in FPV mode, although that is not unusual for most drones in this price range.

It’s a decent HD camera and is very fun to use, however, if you want a high-quality drone with no noticeable distortion, there are some very good 4K camera drones that cost less than $500 which may interest you. These drones will give you near professional-level video footage and images (the ones you would post on YouTube and Instagram) and they have many advanced features. Check them out here.

Other Features

The Potensic D60 comes with the following features that will help you fly the drone more easily and have more fun with it.

GPS – Will allow you to fly the drone more smoothly and hover more accurately, the GPS module also allows the drone to have smart flight modes.

Orbit Mode – One of the smart flight modes, the drone will orbit you when this mode is activated.

Waypoint – In this smart flight mode you will be able to draw a flight path on the app and the drone will fly along it and come back home.

Follow Me – Pretty self-explanatory, the drone will follow you wherever you go.

Automatic Return Home – This is a useful feature that will minimise the risk of lsoing the drone during flight, if you lose connection of if the battery gets low on charge, the drone will return home automatically.

Flight Performance

This is an easy drone to fly, especially with its GPS module and smart flight modes as well as the one-button take-off and landing features. It holds up well in slightly windy conditions, although if you are a complete beginner, I would advise you not to fly in any kind of harsh weather. The drone has three-speed modes and is pretty quick in its fastest mode, which should only be flown in if you are an experienced flyer. The transmission range could be better but 300 meters is usually the ballpark for most drones that cost less than $200.

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty decent drone; it comes with a good camera and some cool features. The drone is fun to fly and is suitable for everyone. It costs just less than $200 which is reasonable, click on the button below to find out more details about the Potensic D60.