Eachine E520S Short Review

If you are in the market for a cheap 4K camera drone, the Eachine E520S is the drone you are looking for. This a well-designed foldable drone that weighs less than 300g and comes with some amazing features, the best of which is its 4K camera. With it you will be able to take some stunning aerial video footages and images, it also comes with GPS for a more stable flying experience and 3 intelligent flight modes that will wow family and friends. A great drone that everyone will have fun flying.

Key Features

  • 4K Camera 
  • 6 Axis Gyroscope
  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • GPS
  • Automatic Return Home
  • 15 Minute Flight Time

Welcome to my review of the Eachine E520S camera drone, the latest budget friendly drone from Eachine who have released several high-quality beginner friendly drones at affordable prices.

As regular readers of this drone review site may know, one of the main reasons I love camera drones so much is because they allow you to see the world from above and experience things you may not have otherwise.

As the market for budget friendly drones grow, so does the competition among smaller drone manufacturers to deliver feature rich drones with high quality cameras at low prices.

One of these companies that have risen to the challenge is Eachine, I have already reviewed a couple of their drones like the E58 and E511S.

The Eachine E520S maybe their most ambitious because it comes with some stunning features and a 4K camera and can be purchased for less than $150, which is a bargain for a 4K camera drone.

Eachine E520S Review

Eachine are becoming a household name in the world of budget friendly drones, they have released some fantastic drones at affordable prices and the Eachine E520S is no different.

Eachine e520s Review

What you first notice about the Eachine E520S is that it is a foldable drone and looks very similar to that of the DJI Mavic Air. I do not believe this is by accident, the Mavic range of drones are one of the most popular and there has been a plethora of copycat models that have followed and tried to emulate some of its huge success. Most of them have not been that impressive but some have and one those is the Eachine E520S.

Now, I am not saying the Eachine E520S is as good as the DJI Mavic Air, it is not, and it does not claim to be. However, as good as the DJI Mavic range of drones are, they are simply way out of the budget of most people who just want a drone to have fun with and one that has the features to take high-quality videos and images.

The Eachine E520S is built from high-quality plastic that is durable and doesn’t feel cheap. It’s not one of those drones that feels like they will fall apart as soon as you encounter your first crash, it also comes with propeller guards to minimise any damage from any crashes ( and if you are a beginner, you most likely will crash your drone a few times).

The drone measures 40*28*7.5 cm with its arm fully expanded and with the propeller guards attached. When its folded it becomes half the size and this makes it great for travelling around with, in fact if you are a frequent traveller and looking for a good travel drone, foldable drones like the Eachine E520S are perfect to take on your travels.

Eachine E520S Review

The drone comes with a 1200 mAh lipo battery, these are the new types of modular batteries that store charge for much longer. On one battery charge, you can fly the drone for around 15 minutes which is longer than most other drones in its price range.

One last thing I want to mention before I get on to the main features of this drone is its remote controller.

Eachine E520s Review

It looks modern and comfortable to hold, there are some drone controllers in the price range of the Eachine E520S that are big and clunky and aesthetically not very appealing. This is not the case with this controller, it has a transmission range of around 300m and if you use the FPV feature you can stream video footage from a maximum range 250m,

Eachine E520S Camera

Eachine E520S Review

There are several versions of this drone that come with different cameras and each one has different transmission technology that will determine how far you can fly this drone. There are versions that come with either a 720p, 1080p or 4K camera and each of them transmits video through either 2.4G or 5G technology

I believe the best value for money is the one that comes with 5G 4K camera as you get the best camera and transmission technology that will allow you to stream video footage from a longer range and with little loss in quality. However, please be aware that it does not record in 4K, it only takes images in 4K resolution, it actually records videos in 2K, which is still high-quality.

The camera has a 120° FOV, this will give you a wide angle to record and capture stunning aerial videos and images and you can adjust the camera 90° to give you even more angles to take images and videos from.

Unlike the more expensive 4K camera drones like the Mavic range the Eachine E520S camera is not stabilised by any kind of gimbal and it doesn’t come with electronic stabilisation software. However, there is a 6-axis gyroscope within the drone that will provide stability during flight and this will in turn minimise any kind of distortion in your videos and images.

Gone are the days when you would have to shell out at least $400+ for a 4K camera drone, this is probably the best feature of this drone and the fact that it costs just over $100 makes it an absolute bargain.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Like many modern drones, the Eachine E520S comes with several intelligent flight modes. These modes make it easier for anyone to fly this drone and taking videos and images is made much simpler as you do not have to worry about controlling the drone.

It has three intelligent flight modes, they are;

Waypoint – Draw a path on the app and the drone will follow that path automatically.

Surround/Orbit – In this mode, the drone will orbit the person holding the transmitter, this mode is great for taking selfies with.

Smart Track – With this mode the drone will lock on to you and follow you wherever you go, this is another great way to take videos and images handsfree.

The drone also has an automatic return home function, if you see the battery charge start to drain or lose sight of your drone, just press the RTH button on the controller and the drone will return to you. A cool feature that will minimise the chances of you losing or crashing your drone.

Flight Performance

Flight performance for the Eachine E520S is pretty good, its stable and even in windy conditions it’s not that hard to control, although there is a bit of interference if you are using the FPV functions. As it comes with GPS, you can hover the drone without any problems and GPS also allows for you to take better images and videos. There are three speed modes, it’s a fast drone even on the lowest speed mode, so only switch to the faster modes once you become a more experienced flyer.

As I mentioned earlier, the drone comes with a 1200 mAh lipo battery which gives it a flight time of around 15-16 minutes, for a drone that cost just over $100, this is better than most other drones in this price range.

However, it’s still not long enough to fully enjoy the drone flying experience and hence why I always advise people to purchase extra batteries. Fortunately, Eachine do offer a package that comes with three extra batteries which will stop you from having to purchase them separately and save you money.

Check out how the drone fly’s below.

Final Thoughts

The Eachine E520S is a terrific drone that comes with some amazing features, a 4K camera and is very easy to fly. Amazingly this drone costs just a little over $100 and is great for beginners and experienced drone pilots.

If you are looking for a cheap 4K camera drone, the Eachine E520S will not disappoint you. Banggood currently have a sale for this drone where you get three extra batteries for just $105.99, click on the button below for more details,

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